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Give Your Kids A Day Full of Wonder At The Please Touch Museum

March 16, 2020 By CityPASS

The Please Touch Museum of Philadelphia offers a refreshing change from most museums and historical landmarks by encouraging tactile learning experiences. Instead of cordoning off exhibits and keeping visitors at arm's length, visitors are fully expected to engage in hands-on activities, much to the delight of the younger visitors. At the Please Touch Museum, pint-sized guests will get to tap out a secret message in Morse code, get schooled on the fundamentals of flight, "roast" a marshmallow and trade stories over a campfire, and much more. It's the perfect place for a kid to learn valuable skills through play – which is precisely the museum's mission.

The founders of the Please Touch Museum were staunch believers in the power of play as a way to educate children and develop both motor and cognitive skills. To this day, the museum's mission to spark an interest in lifelong learning remains at the core of its exhibits.

The Please Touch Museum Exhibits

Designed for education as well as enjoyment, the exhibits at the Philly Please Touch Museum provide ideal opportunities for children to improve their fine motor skills and practice science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) literacy. Along with a host of rotating exhibits, the Please Touch Museum has several permanent staples that children will enjoy visit after visit:

  • Healthy Me: Children can practice "adulting" as they choose a dinner menu and purchase ingredients in a grocery store, give a doll an x-ray or MRI, and even cultivate a green thumb in the urban garden!
  • Wonderland: With activities like painting roses red and navigating a hedge maze inspired by Alice in Wonderland, even parents will find this dazzling child-size world inviting.
  • River Adventures: This exhibit encourages children to learn about buoyancy and environmental science as they splash around a small-scale reproduction of the Schuylkill River.
  • Roadside Attractions: This mini Philadelphia neighborhood offers kids the chance to dream up new flavors of Bassett's ice cream and navigate the city in a SEPTA bus, all while honing fine motor skills and practicing decision-making.
  • Rocket Room: NASA here we come! Guests can launch a rocket and take the helm at Mission Control in this space-themed exhibit.
  • Happy Camper: City kids can experience the thrill of a camping expedition without ever leaving the metro area by telling stories around a "campfire" and admiring sparkling stars dotting the "night sky."
  • Adventure Camp: An indoor tree house provides the perfect environment for kids to learn about science by inspecting bug specimens, scripting a message in Morse code, and peeking through a periscope.
  • Imagination Playground: Kids will adore romping around and constructing structures with giant blue foam blocks, or using Magnatiles to create glowing sculptures.
  • Storytime Cabin: A calm space that's perfect for youngsters and adults alike to take a breath to read a book or host a tea party, Storytime Cabin is the perfect spot to take a few minutes to rest and recharge.
  • Centennial Exploration: Explore the history of the elegant 19th century building the Please Touch Museum calls home.
  • Please Touch Garden: In warm weather, the Please Touch Garden is the ideal spot for a leisurely stroll through spindly cornstalks and curling tomato vines.

Along with the permanent exhibitions, this popular Philadelphia children's museum has a curated collection of more than 25,000 historical games and toys that represent decades of American children's playtimes. There's also a glittering carousel filled with antique horses, cats, rabbits, pigs, and other animals that kids will love.

Please Touch Museum Hours

The Philadelphia Please Touch Museum is open every day, but hours vary depending on the day of the week. Check the official website for operating hours on the day you are planning to visit.

Please Touch Museum Events

The official calendar is filled with ongoing events ranging from Creative Arts Studio to an end of the day Musical Parade where visitors join in the raucous fun! Signature Please Touch Museum events like Countdown 2 Noon and the Storybook Ball Medieval Fantasy are once a year events, so keep an eye on the website for details.

Please Touch Museum Tickets

Tickets for the Please Touch Museum are available via the official website. If you want to save some cash, Philadelphia CityPASS® tickets can save you up to off the combined admission prices of top Philly attractions like the Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia Zoo, One Liberty Observation deck, and more!

Please Touch Museum Ages

Children of all ages will enjoy the Please Touch Museum, and children under age one get free admission. According to the museum FAQ, the exhibits are best for children between the ages of six months to eight years old.

While curated for younger children, there's no doubt that the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia is a treat for all ages. It's a place to learn through play – and what could be more fun than that?

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