About Us

CityPASS Staff

For over 25 years, millions of travelers from around the world have enjoyed using CityPASS® tickets. Our tickets offer savings of up to 50% on admission to the most famous attractions in 16 of the most-visited destinations in North America. 

Why use CityPASS tickets? With one simple purchase, CityPASS tickets provide travelers an easy way to visit multiple attractions at a significant savings and see the best a city has to offer—without a lot of work. 

We’ve carefully chosen the most popular attractions in each destination. With a variety of attraction types, there’s something for everyone, whether traveling solo or with friends or family. Observatories are a fan-favorite for getting a birds-eye view of these spectacular cities; museums offer educational and inspiring opportunities to learn about science, art, music, history, and more; theme parks delight visitors of every age; zoos and aquariums introduce different species of animals and inspire conservation; and sightseeing cruises offer a relaxing, enjoyable way to see cities from the water. 

Our mission is to remove the stress of planning and researching all the possible things to do on vacation by providing a simple and affordable way to see multiple attractions. We aim to make the entire process as convenient and easy as possible. 

Founded in 1997 by two friends, Mike Gallagher and Mike Morey, City Pass Inc. was the first company to offer bundled, discounted admission to attractions in N. America. Still a small, family-owned company with roughly 50 employees, City Pass Inc. is based in the mountain town of Victor, Idaho.  

Join 28 million CityPASS travelers and start making your travel memories today.