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A Guide to the Adventure Aquarium Exhibits You Can't Miss

With exhibits that range from the adrenaline-pumping Shark Bridge to the serene beauty of the Ocean Realm, this Adventure Aquarium promises to be an unforgettable journey for visitors of all ages, any time of the year. This guide highlights the must-see Adventure Aquarium exhibits, ensuring you soak in every splash of excitement and discovery.


What Is the Best Time to Visit Philadelphia?

In this guide, we'll explore the nuances of Philly's weather and highlight the city's most appealing attractions. Whether you're seeking the warmth of summer or the cozy charm of winter, Philadelphia's rich tapestry of experiences offers an unforgettable visit.


Delve Into History at the National Constitution Center

How much do you know about early American history? If you've been searching for a crash course on how a ragtag band of treasonous rebels built one of the most powerful societies in the world, look no further than the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Its location in the historic part of the city is within walking distance of the very place the Founding Fathers ratified the constitution almost 250 years ago.


Learn How Our Nation Began at the Museum of The American Revolution

Just minutes from the Liberty Bell and the building in which the Declaration of Independence was signed stands the Museum of the American Revolution, a magnificent repository of displays, artifacts, and engaging multimedia that will have you hooked from the first exhibit.


Spark Fun and Curiosity With Your Family at The Franklin Institute

When it comes to making science fun, no museum compares to The Franklin Institute (also referred to as the "Benjamin Franklin museum") in Philadelphia. For almost 200 years, this museum has taught visitors about scientific phenomena and mechanics that, in other contexts, might seem dense or (gasp!) boring.


Splash Out at the Adventure Aquarium

If admiring miniature 13-inch, three-pound penguins, a glowering hammerhead shark, and some very friendly hippos sounds like fun, head over to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden to spend a few hours amongst these and other aquatic residents. Adventure Aquarium is bursting with sea life from around the world in extravagant exhibits and massive glass tanks.

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