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Discover The Best View Philadelphia Has To Offer At One Liberty Observation Deck

There’s something incredibly freeing about admiring a cityscape from high above the ground. You’re above the frenetic energy and noise, and you can lose yourself in the spectacular sight of a sprawling metropolis that seems almost alive. Next time you’re in Philadelphia, make your way to One Liberty Observation Deck and prepare to be awestruck by the mesmerizing view.

What to Expect at the One Liberty Observation Deck

This Philadelphia observation deck spares no expense when it comes to cutting edge technology. From the state-of-the-art elevator rocketing you up to the 57th floor to the interactive screens arranged throughout the deck, it’s a memorable experience that is sure to impress Philadelphia locals and visitors alike.

Start on the ground floor where you’ll learn about #TheRealPhilly – a city that embraces its historic significance with pride. You can’t miss Ben Franklin’s giant feet or the massive floor-to-ceiling mural painted by Gregory Manchess as you follow the kite string to the elevator.

Once you’re at the Philly observation deck, take some time to engage with one of the six Go Find Your Philly Interactive Boards -- if you can tear your eyes from the breathtaking view of the city. These touch screen monitors include a wealth of information on Philadelphia’s most notable landmarks. Tap to zoom in and learn all about their history, architecture, and cultural significance -- and then challenge yourself to see if you can spot them all from the windows.

"Tours" of the city are also available at the One Liberty Observation Deck. A knowledgeable guide will take you on a virtual tour, point out landmarks and teach you about the history behind them, without you ever having to walk more than a few steps. It’s perfect for those with children who tire easily or times of inclement weather when being outside is just not that enjoyable.

With photo ops galore, cameras are a must here. The imposing turquoise geometric bust of Ben Franklin is a perpetual favorite for selfies, but don’t let that distract you from the chance to pose next to the Broad Street Bullies penalty box or in front of the One Liberty Observation Deck green screen.

The Best Time to Visit One Liberty Observation Deck

Early morning when it first opens is always a good time to avoid crowds, but you can’t beat sunset for a mesmerizing cityscape bathed in gold. When the sun sets early during the winter, prepare yourself for a dazzling nighttime panorama dotted with twinkling lights.

Admission to One Liberty Observation Deck

While the view from One Liberty Observation Deck is positively elevating, getting it at a discount is even better. Normal admission prices are available on the official One Liberty Observation Deck website, but if you’re searching for a One Liberty Observation Deck discount, you’ll find something even better at Philadelphia CityPASS. While you won’t get to see One Liberty Observation Deck for free, you’ll still save some serious cash, and you’ll get a substantial discount (up to ) off admission to Philly’s most popular tourist favorites, such as the Philadelphia Zoo, Adventure Aquarium, the National Constitution Center, and more.

One Liberty Observation Deck Bar 57

Adult visitors can enjoy the sites and the sips from Bar 57, a pop-up bar at One Liberty Observation Deck. Check the official website to find out about hours and special events to make sure Bar 57 will be open during your visit.

The view from the 57th floor is nothing short of stunning all year long; it’s the perfect opportunity to take in Philadelphia’s historic architecture in one fell swoop. Longtime residents and travelers alike agree that Philly is underrated; a peek through the glass at One Liberty Observation Deck will surely cement its status in your mind as a charming and exciting city to explore.

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Header Image © Steve Belkowitz, courtesy of One Liberty Observation Deck