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Long Island Love: Interview with Author Jenny Hutt

March 8, 2013 By Byron Beck

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit Long Island, New York? Take it from someone who knows, it's a pretty great place.

Radio host, author, blogger and television host Jennifer Koppelman Hutt is a Long Island native and longtime resident. She LOVES Long Island, New York. And why not?

Long Island is both the longest and largest island in the lower 48 states and extends 118 miles eastward from New York Harbor to Montauk Point. It is located just across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan, which is home to all New York CityPASS® partner attractions. The westernmost end of Long Island contains the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. The central and eastern portions contain the more suburban counties of Nassau and Suffolk.

When someone says they're a "Long Islander" they're usually referring to Nassau or Suffolk counties.

Like Jennifer Hutt.

Hutt's first book, "Whatever," was co-authored with Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis Stewart (their TV show "Whatever, Martha" ran for three seasons). Currently, Hutt is the host of "Just Jenny," a daily satellite radio call-in show airing on SiriusXM Stars. On the show, Jennifer tackles subjects you would only think to discuss with your best friends and she talks a lot about what it's like to live on Long Island. Hutt recently talked to City Pass about her beloved Long Island and why you should visit.

Should a visitor to New York also visit Long Island?
Yes! Long Island has so many pretty things to see. From the beaches—Jones, The Hamptons, Fire Island—to the North Fork's wine country. There's also some great pizza in Long Island and really pretty houses. The Gold Coast is the North Shore of Long Island (where I live!) and was the setting for F. Scott Fitzgerald's book "The Great Gatsby."

As a native, what do like best about Long Island and is there anything you would like to see change?
I love the strong sense of community in, it seems, every community in Long Island. I find people here are incredibly warm. I don't want to change anything in Long Island except the congested traffic on the Long Island Expressway (LIE). The biggest change I've seen over the years is the wealth. There are some crazy successful people out here. In the Gold Coast there's a very HIGH bar set for what equals "success."

What should people do when the visit Long Island?
1. Go to The Hamptons or Montauk—so beautiful. 2. Get pizza at Little Vincent's in the town of Huntington. And make sure to see Oldbeth Page. It is a historical community that lives like it is still the mid-19th Century. 3. See the mansions on the North Shore. So lovely.

What is it like to go shopping in Long Island?
There is insanely great shopping at a shopping center in Manhasset Long Island called The Americana Manhasset. You may have heard it referenced as "the miracle mile" in one of Billy Joel's songs. Fantastic stores!

How devastating was Hurricane Sandy to Long Island?
Hurricane Sandy was a nightmare. It was really unfortunate. Many people are still dealing with the aftermath. We need to be better prepared for something like Hurricane Sandy, should it ever happen again.

Does Long Island live up to its reputation, as least the one we see on reality television?
I think the reputation for cheesy and obnoxious people in Long Island is overblown. Like everywhere there's some cheesy and some obnoxious people. But overall people are good here. I lived in Massachusetts in college and New York City during law school. I was thrilled that I eventually got to move back to Long Island. I wanted to raise my kids here.

How often do you visit (nearby) Hoboken, New Jersey?
I've never been to Hoboken. Like any true Long Islander!

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