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San Francisco Zoo & Gardens

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  • Experience the dramatic three-acre, mixed-species African Savanna, where giraffes, zebras and kudus live together, along with many African bird species including the crowned crane, ostrich, and Marabou stork.
  • Journey to the rugged regions of North America and come nose-to-nose with the Zoo’s beloved female grizzly bears, Kachina and Kiona, in an expansive habitat. At one acre, Hearst Grizzly Gulch is one of the largest naturalistic environments dedicated to grizzly bears in any zoo, with a sunny meadow, 20,000-gallon pool, herb garden, mountain stream waterfall and heated rocks.
  • Stroll the elevated boardwalk Lemur Forest for great views of lemurs leaping through the trees; the exhibit is the largest outdoor lemur habitat in the country and home to seven different species of lemurs.
  • Watch Magellanic penguins as they "fly" through the water at speeds up to 15 miles per hour, bask in the sun, preen, or hang out in one of 36 burrows on Penguin Island, home to the largest colony of these extremely social penguins outside of the wild.
  • See gorillas up close as they rest, play, eat and interact with one another in the Gorilla Preserve, one of the largest and most exceptional habitats for western lowland gorillas in the country, with almost one acre of trees, grasses and rocky outcroppings.
  • See your little ones connect to the natural world at the Children's Zoo, where they can feed and pet farm animals, explore an insect zoo, walk through an interpretive nature trail, and much more.


Sloat Blvd & Great Hwy
San Francisco, CA 94132, USA
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Open Daily, 10am-5pm
Last admission is one hour before closing time.

(415) 753-7080

Advice for Visitors


  • Children ages 14 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult while on Zoo grounds.


  • Dining: Leaping Lemur Café, The Station Pizza Parlor, Café Playfield
  • Gift Shops: Wildlife Connection Shop

Visitor Safety:

  • San Francisco Zoo & Gardens has safety protocols in place to ensure a safe environment for its guests and staff; learn more on their website.

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