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Chicago Architecture: Foundational Facts About the Windy City

Whether you live in the Windy City or are planning your trip there, you might enjoy having a little bit of context. We encourage you to visit the Chicago Architecture Center during your time there, but for some pre-visit insight, we're here to help. Once you understand how Chicago's world-famous architecture came to be, it becomes much easier to appreciate.


Chicago Transportation Options: How To Get Around the Windy City

Chicago is one of the top three most prominent cities in America. The city is a travel hub with two large airports. Often, driving and parking can be a hassle in the Windy City. Learning about the different transportation options makes it easier to visit Chicago and get around.


5 Reasons To Visit Chicago in the Spring

There's nothing like the warming air, fresh green grass, and pops of floral color to bring out a relaxed state of mind. In this city on the shores of Lake Michigan, you'll find nature destinations, architectural beauty, and springtime activities to celebrate. Here are the top things to do in Chicago in spring.


Chicago Culture: Key Events, Attractions, and Facts

Chicago's culture and community form a brilliant American melting pot. The city has an incredible history, and you can experience it by checking out some fantastic landmarks and structures.


6 Famous Artworks at the Art Institute of Chicago

Art lovers from all over the country and even the world flock to the Windy City to view the Art Institute of Chicago's paintings. The world-renowned art museum features some of the most historically significant pieces of art known to modern man, and any visit to Chicago is incomplete without a trip to the Art Institute.


What You Need to Know to Visit Shedd Aquarium

It's mind-boggling to consider that 71% of the Earth's surface is covered in water. Now, just imagine the variety and number of creatures thriving in the mysterious blue oceans, rivers, and lakes of this planet. Well, you don't have to leave everything to the imagination. In fact, you can see for yourself the magnificent beauty the water has to offer at the historic and renowned Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois.

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