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Texas Museum Hopping: Educational Encounters at the Top Museums in Texas

October 25, 2022 By CityPASS

When visiting the second largest state in the country, you should include a trip to a museum, or you'll risk missing out. Finding cool museums in Texas is a by-product of the state's complex history and culture, so set your expectations sky-high.

What's more, the most fun museums in Texas allow you to explore your sense of adventure while offering the perfect indoor escape from a hot summer's day.

Where to Get Your Science and History Fix in Texas

The Lone Star state has too many museums to count, with at least a couple to be found in most of each of its 964 cities and towns.

Whether you want to learn more about nature, history, art, or science, or simply visit the gift shops, you'll be spoilt for choice. Texas's museums provide engaging and immersive experiences for both adults and children. Here are some of the highest-rated museums you'll find in Texas.

Feel Like an Astronaut at Space Center Houston

You'll find several interesting science museums in Houston, Texas — it is the world capital of space exploration, after all. Through both traveling and permanent exhibits and events, the Space Center connects the public of all ages with the space program of the past, present, and future.

Space Center Houston features more than 400 space artifacts plus the world's largest collection of moon rocks and lunar samples for public viewing. This outstanding facility aspires to generate wonder and interest in space through special exhibits like its starship gallery and spacesuit collection.

One of the Space Center's main aims is to inspire young people to choose future careers in STEM by promoting real-life astronauts and other role models from these fields.

Check Out the Exhibits at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Explore a universe of fascinating educational resources at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Take your pick from their numerous permanent collections, such as the Cabinet of Curiosities, Lester & Sue Smith Gem Vault, or Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife.

The museum also houses exhibit halls with regularly changing exhibitions on subjects like natural art, archeology, ecology, chemistry, paleontology, and technology. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary show at the world-leading Burke Baker Planetarium. Or marvel at the butterflies and the waterfall in the stunning three-story Rainforest Conservatory.

Click here for our more detailed guide to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Enjoy the Amazing Pieces at the Children's Museum of Houston

With exhibits for all ages, especially infants to upper elementary students, the Children's Museum of Houston is a must-see if you're looking for children's museums in Texas. Whatever a child is into, this museum is bound to keep them entertained for hours.

Nature-lovers can conduct ecological studies, identify footprints, and spot turtles at the wildlife habitat EcoStation. The culture-curious can compare how their American life is both similar and different to a child in South Korea in the Heart and Seoul exhibit.

Budding inventors can take on engineering challenges and hands-on creative problem-solving in the Inventors' Workshop. And no visit to the Children's Museum is complete without becoming a special agent in the SECRET spy game. Children take on a collection of missions that have them solving technical puzzles and challenges all over the museum.

Admire Art Collections at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Art lovers everywhere will appreciate the vast collection at one of the best art museums in Texas: the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. This museum has brought together nearly 70,000 works from throughout the world spanning 5,000 years from antiquity to the present.

Alongside American culture, you'll be exposed to pieces of art from a wealth of cultures including Latin American, African, European, Asian, and Islamic art. Expect to view both modern and contemporary art, prints, drawings, film, and photography.

Houston's Museum of Fine Arts welcomes all people, connecting the communities of Houston with a diversity of art histories. It aims to inspire appreciation and understanding of human achievement across the broadest spectrum you might imagine.

Tour Through the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is one of the many outstanding museums in Dallas, Texas, bringing a wide view of the natural world and STEM topics to its communities.

Explore the Being Human Hall, which transports you through the story of your ancestors, your DNA, and all of the individual quirks that make you, you. Prepare to be stunned in the Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall as you learn about both the practical and visual elements of Earth's complex building blocks. These are just two of the 11 exhibit halls at the Perot Museum.

Why should the kids get in on all the fun? Adults enjoy me-time at events like Night at the Museum and the weekly Thursdays on Tap, featuring live music, drinks, and local food trucks.

Observe George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum's Impressive Collection

Ever wanted to step inside the White House Oval Office? The George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum features a full-size replica of this iconic space for real history buffs.

The museum guides you through eight years of American history via an in-depth look at the presidency of George W. Bush. With state-of-the-art interactive exhibits, visitors can experience many facets of the presidency including the campaign, 2000 election, and key policy and legislation events.

Not only does the museum provide a tailored experience for visitors, but it also serves as a repository for countless textual, electronic, and audiovisual Presidential records. That's not to mention the 43,000 artifacts maintained by the museum — mainly gifts given to the President and Mrs. Bush throughout the presidency.

Take in the Rich History at the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum's mission is to teach the history of the Holocaust to eradicate hatred, prejudice, and indifference with knowledge and awareness.

The museum has three permanent exhibitions. The first, the Holocaust/Shoah Wing, tells the story of the Holocaust against the backdrop of 3000+ years of Jewish history and Hitler's worldview.

The second exhibition, the Human Rights Wing, explores how the world learned to move forward following World War II and documents the emergence of international human rights in its wake. The final Pivot to America Wing hones in on the history of human and civil rights in the U.S. and how to create a better America for everyone.

Visit Multiple Museums in Texas at a Bargain

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Use the Houston CityPASS® ticket for entry to the Space Center Houston, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Children's Museum Houston, and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Or take advantage of the Dallas CityPASS® ticket and walk into the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum, and Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.

Header Image Courtesy of Perot Museum of Nature and Science

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