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Children's Museum of Houston Offers Hands-On Exhibits for Your Little One

Being a kid has never been more fun than at the Children’s Museum of Houston in Texas. It’s a place where children are encouraged—rather than discouraged—to put their hands on everything and dive into the action. A world in which learning feels like play and everything is sized just for them. If you’ve got a little tyke or two with zest and energy to spare, take them here so they can put it to good use!

Exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Houston

The Children’s Museum of Houston is no place to hang back in the shadows; all the exhibits are interactive and hands-on. Budding inventors can sharpen their skills; curious cats will learn the answers to such burning questions as "how does electricity run through wire?" and young dreamers have the opportunity to indulge their fantasies in the Vietnamese-themed "Dragons and Fairies." Children will adore exploring all sections of the museum:

  • Dragons & Fairies: Viet Nam Through Folktales: Learn about Vietnam’s enduring heritage and modern day life through a series of folktale-themed activities and resources.
  • FlowWorks: No Houston museum aimed at kids has ever offered this much fun with water! Young’uns can dip their hands into a simulated flood plain or work the switches of the Hydro Switchboard to harness the power of good ole’ H2O — getting a mild soaking in the process.
  • Challenge Course: Children can "harness" their inner acrobat as they take on a seven-obstacle ropes course that includes leaping 30 feet across lily pads and ends by clambering up the Swinging Steps.
  • Cyberchase: Math becomes fun in an adventurous environment where solving algebra and geometry problems helps save a virtual universe from an evil hacker.
  • John P. McGovern Kids’ Hall: Admire traveling art exhibits from around the world, or check out what new activities Junktion (a series of tables that collectively form a train) has to offer this week.
  • Constructioneering: Explore all the planning conducted by engineers and architects before a single nail is hammered in a new building, and learn all about the "constructioneering" that was necessary to make the Children’s Museum of Houston a reality.
  • EcoStation: Divided into an indoor and outdoor section that includes a pond, a woodland area, and a plant garden, this exhibit offers kids the opportunity to partake in a variety of wildlife and nature-themed activities.
  • Inventors’ Workshop: Dive into the messy process of invention with a hands-on, inquiry-based exploration workshop that encourages you to think about how to learn by actually doing it.
  • How Does It Work? This multi-level exhibit answers burning scientific questions through a series of interactive experiences. Kids will have the opportunity to design their own car and even engineer a roller coaster!
  • Invention Convention: There’s no shortage of gadgets and gizmos in a place where children can build an air-propelled stomp rocket or experiment with magnets, propellers, buzzers, and more elements of invention.
  • S.E.C.R.E.T Spy Game: Crack codes and figure out puzzles to earn "Elite Agent" status during this 1.5-hour interactive spy mission series. (Note: This experience is not included in the regular admission price.)

Children's Museum of Houston Tickets

You can buy tickets for the Children’s Museum of Houston online at the official website, or try a Houston CityPASS, which saves you money on admission to multiple Houston attractions, including Space Center Houston, Kemah Boardwalk, and the Downtown Aquarium.

What Day is the Children’s Museum free in Houston?

You can get free admission to the Children’s Museum of Houston on Family Night, Thursdays between 5pm and 8pm.


Sensory Friendly Days are exclusive events held on designated Mondays that are normally closed to the public. The event is geared toward children with autism and sensory processing differences, but all children with disabilities are welcome. Sensory Friendly Days feature reduced lighting/sounds, smaller crowds and increased visual signage. For more information on general accessibility, visit the Children’s museum website. For specific dates and times for Sensory Friendly events, check out the official list of dates and details.

Children's Museum of Houston Hours

For current hours of operation, please refer to the attraction's website.

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Header Image Courtesy of Children's Museum of Houston—PowerPlay Exhibit