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A First-Timer Guide to Downtown Houston Attractions

Visiting downtown Houston for the first time? This bustling urban center, brimming with world-class attractions, offers experiences that cater to a range of interests. Whether you're an art lover, a nature enthusiast, or you're touring with kids, Houston has something for everyone. This guide outlines essential transportation tips and seven activities that promise a memorable experience.


Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Houston With a View

If you're trying to find romantic restaurants in Houston with a view, there are many great spots for a romantic dining experience. You can dine on top of rooftop restaurants, sit waterfront at a bayou, enjoy locally caught seafood dinners, or spend a romantic evening by the fire in a log cabin. A memorable date night includes breathtaking views and fantastic food.


Best Tex Mex in Houston: 5 Savory Options

Houston is loaded with Tex-Mex restaurants, so it might seem overwhelming when deciding where to dine when you visit Houston. So we're sharing some of the best Tex-Mex in Houston that will have you saying ¡olé!


Aquatic Adventures at Houston’s Downtown Aquarium

As America's fourth largest city, Houston is bursting with experiences for the whole family. The Downtown Aquarium Houston is one of many attractions and home to amazing sea creatures, reptiles, and amphibians. This fun and educational location has so much to offer as one of the best things to do in Houston and is far from your standard aquarium. It's also a restaurant, amusement park, and event center, all in one location.


The Guide to Kemah Boardwalk Rides, Tickets, and Discount Savings

The fun never ends at Kemah Boardwalk! Located just 20 miles outside of Houston, this fun-tastic complex includes tummy-satisfying restaurants, wildly entertaining shows, thrilling rides, and enticing shops.


Make Family Memories at the Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is a must-do for animal lovers of all ages. Filled with a diverse assortment of species ranging from anacondas to eastern bongos (a rare African antelope), it is an excellent opportunity to see hundreds of animals from all over the world in an engaging environment.

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