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What You Need to Know to Appreciate The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Initially established in the early 20th century, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is more than just an art museum. It’s a sprawling cultural complex comprising several buildings built over the past century, including two house museums hosting European and American decorative arts, the Glassell School of Art, a movie theater, and a visitor center.


Children's Museum Houston Offers Hands-On Exhibits for Your Little One

Being a kid has never been more fun than at the Children’s Museum Houston in Texas. It’s a place where children are encouraged—rather than discouraged—to put their hands on everything and dive into the action.


A Tourist’s Guide to the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Museum lovers from around the world come to Houston, Texas, each year to visit the NASA Johnson Space museum and other world-renowned science museums. Any visit to Houston should include a trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS).


Texas Museum Hopping: Educational Encounters at the Top Museums in Texas

When visiting the second largest state in the country, you should include a trip to a museum, or you'll risk missing out. Finding cool museums in Texas is a by-product of the state's complex history and culture, so set your expectations sky-high.


Immerse Yourself in Houston Culture: Events, Scenes, and Attractions

For all the recognition Houston gets, its sheer cultural, artistic, and intellectual diversity is often overlooked. It's certainly a haven for that Texas charm that often comes to mind, but the Houston culture scene has so much more going for it. It's only natural since the city is considered the most diverse city in America. As long as you're visiting Houston, you might as well see everything it has to offer, right?


Famous Landmarks in Houston To Visit

Texas is a great place to plan your vacation. Houston, in particular, can give you everything you need to have an unforgettable trip with friends or family. Because it is one of the largest cities in the United States, it’s packed with things to do and places to see, regardless of what time of year you’re visiting and your travel budget.

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