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Our Favorite Sports Bars in Atlanta You Must Visit

January 12, 2024 By CityPASS

Atlanta is a city that thrives on energy, history, and a fervent love of sports. Amidst the hum of the bustling streets and the storied walls of its landmarks, the city also offers a sanctuary for sports lovers in its array of vibrant sports bars. As you search for the ideal spot to watch the game, you're not just looking for a screen but an atmosphere. A place where the drink specials flow as freely as the conversation and where every cheer and groan is shared with like-minded sports fans. Atlanta offers a diverse range of bars that not only showcase the games but also reflect the spirit and enthusiasm of the local sports culture.

Where To Watch Big Games in Atlanta

For the sports aficionado in Atlanta, game day is akin to a holiday; it's an opportunity to bask in the collective euphoria of victory or the shared commiseration of a loss. The city's sports bars are the gathering grounds for this ritual. They're where fans of the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, and Atlanta United congregate, college football games become epic events, and soccer fans meet to cheer on their beloved teams. These establishments know their clientele, offering a wide range of beer options and showcasing the finest local craft beer. And it's not just about the beverage; the food menus are painstakingly curated to provide the fuel needed for a day of sporting excitement. In these hallowed venues, the big games unfold, and the memories of every play, every score, and every win are etched into the city's sports legacy.

Top 5 Sports Bars in Atlanta You Can't Miss

Embark on a tour of the ultimate game-day havens with our handpicked selection of the top five sports bars in Atlanta, where the live action is riveting, the ambiance is unmatched, and the spirit of camaraderie is palpable. These venues are not just about watching the game — they're about experiencing every touchdown, goal, and home run with a community that shares your passion.

1. STATS Brewpub: Atlanta's Ultimate Sports Bar

Just a short stroll from the Centennial Olympic Park, STATS Brewpub is the MVP when it comes to sports bars in Atlanta. It's not just the multiple HD screens that cover nearly every inch of the wall space, it's the patented beer system allowing you to pour your own pint right at your table. STATS is a hit with sports fans who also love their craft beer as much as their bar food. You'll be in good company if you're there to support the Atlanta Hawks.

And while you're in the area, why not take advantage of the nearby attractions with CityPASS®? The Georgia Aquarium is just around the corner, making it a perfect pre-game or post-game stop.

2. Hudson Grille: A Television-Dominated Space

The Hudson Grille is a sports enthusiast's dream, with more televisions than you could count, ensuring you never miss a crucial play. Known for its cold beers and delicious food, it's a favorite among soccer fans and college football aficionados. Located conveniently close to the State Farm Arena, it's the ideal prelude to a Hawks game or a wind-down after an adrenaline-charged Falcons showdown. Hudson Grille's Little 5 Points location is close to the famous Fernbank Museum.

3. Whitehall Tavern: A Relaxed Atmosphere With an Outside Patio

If you're after a more laid-back vibe but with all the sports action, Whitehall Tavern in the Peachtree Hills area is your go-to. The patio is a serene retreat for those halftime discussions or for those who like their sports viewing with a bit of fresh air. Their menu boasts plenty of beer options and the drink specials are some of the best in town.

4. Yard House: With Yards of Beer and Onion Rings

Over at Atlantic Station, Yard House is a heavyweight with its extensive selection of draft beer and a menu that scores high among sports fans. It's the place for strong drinks and their famous onion rings. Here you can catch the Atlanta United games in a lively atmosphere that's always game-day ready. When the game is done, why not continue the winning streak with a visit to nearby attractions like the World of Coca-Cola?

5. Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille: With a Chicago Taste and Feel

Craving a slice of deep-dish pizza with your sports? Despite its name, Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille is all about Atlanta's love for sports. This is the place where the spirit of Chicago meets the heart of Atlanta, perfect for watching those nail-biting college football games. And if you want to keep the excitement going, swing by the College Football Hall of Fame on your drive back downtown.

Explore Atlanta Before and After Games With CityPASS® Tickets

In Atlanta, the game never really ends. The city pulses with the energy of sports fans and their favorite teams. But the thrill of the game is just one part of the Atlanta experience. With Atlanta CityPASS® tickets, you can dive into the world of marine life at the Georgia Aquarium or step into the story of a global brand at the World of Coca-Cola. Be fascinated by the natural world at Zoo Atlanta or walk through the halls of the National Center for Civil Human Rights.

Don't let the final whistle blow on your Atlanta adventure. Make the most of your trip, whether it's before the kickoff, during halftime, or after the last inning. Get your CityPASS® tickets today and score big savings on Atlanta's must-see attractions

Lodging in Atlanta

To get the most out of your stay in Atlanta, we recommend finding lodging near Atlanta's top attractions. Use this map to find the right lodging for you:

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