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When Is the Best Time To Travel to Atlanta?

June 28, 2022 By CityPASS

With its deep history, rich culture, and some of the nation's best dining, Atlanta is the kind of city that tourists flock to year-round.

Whether you're exploring the roots of the Civil Rights movement or visiting some of the world-class attractions, there's so much to see and do in this bustling Southern metropolis. Depending on the goal of your trip, there are best and worst times to visit.

That brings us to the question of when to plan which trips. Based on the event schedule, weather, and estimated cost, here's our guide to deciding the best time to travel to Atlanta.

Best Time To Travel to Atlanta by Season

With a humid climate and mild temperatures, Atlanta is known for having favorable conditions all year. Most tourists travel to the city during peak months in the summer, but you can expect to see people visiting Atlanta year-round.

That being said, each season comes with its own pros and cons. From muggy weather to outdoor festivities, here's everything you need to know about when to visit Atlanta.

Summer Months

Like many cities, summer is when most of the tourism action really kicks in. Hotel prices go up and the crowds get bigger.

However, prices aren't the only thing going up this time of year. Summer is the warmest time to visit the city, with temperatures averaging in the upper 80s and low 90s for most of the summer, even lasting throughout September. Another thing to keep in mind is that hurricane season kicks in around June 1st and lasts through late November.

If you travel to Atlanta during the summer, be prepared for hot, rainy, and humid months. The heat could put a damper on some plans, but it won't put a stop to the many festivals and activities that happen. Mornings and evenings are usually hot and humid, and you can frequently expect quick but heavy rains in the afternoon.

For outdoor excitement, check out the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, the Decatur BBQ, or the Blues and Bluegrass Festival. Other air-conditioned activities like the World of Coca Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, or the National Center for Civil and Human Rights offer a chance to escape the heat.

Winter Months

Despite temperatures in the low to mid-50s, winter in the city can feel relatively mild compared to colder climates. Just keep in mind that the city does experience the occasional ice or snowstorm, along with temperatures that hover right around freezing.

If you can handle Atlanta's coldest season, you'll enjoy some of the cheapest hotel prices. It's also a great way to escape the worst of the crowds unless you're there right around the holiday season.

Some winter events include the holiday-themed Garden Lights, the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl, and the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival.

Spring Months

One of the best times to visit the city is in the spring. With warm, yet mild temperatures, many tourists enjoy the blooming flowers and greenery that spring up from March to May.

As with any season in Atlanta, you should still expect some heavy rain, with the rainiest month being March. It can also be a difficult time for anyone with pollen allergies — the whole city turns yellow.

Due to the gorgeous scenery and mild weather, spring is a great time for outdoor events. Some of the most popular events are held during the spring — the Inman Park Festival, the Atlanta Jazz Festival, and the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, to name a few. It's also the ideal time to explore the many hiking trails in and around the city.

Fall Months

Another popular time to visit Atlanta is in the fall. With cooler temperatures and less humidity, the weather can make outdoor events much more comfortable. September can still be hot and muggy, but it tends to cool down by October.

Take advantage of the cooler temperatures to explore Atlanta's historic neighborhoods or enjoy events like the Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade or the Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp. Or grab the kids for activities like hiking and apple picking.

Keep in mind that fall is also convention time — like the infamous Dragon Con in September — so you'll need to book hotel accommodations in advance.

The Cheapest Month to Visit Atlanta

If you want to travel to Atlanta while also sticking to your budget, winter is an ideal time. During winter months, prices tend to go down — especially in January and February, after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The weather might be cold, but the climate is still mild compared to cities further north. When you consider the cheaper hotel and flight prices, taking a trip during this season might be worth it.

What Is the Best Season for Tourists?

No matter the season, Atlanta always has something to do. Expect to see tourism every month of the year, with peak crowds arriving around summertime. There isn't really a "worst time" to visit the city, in all honesty.

With all these factors in mind, spring is the ideal time to visit Atlanta for those without seasonal allergies. With moderate prices, relatively few crowds, pleasant weather, and a range of exciting outdoor events, it's hard to beat a March through May date.

What Is the Busiest Season in Atlanta?

Despite the oppressive heat and humidity, summer is the peak season for tourism. Most tourists stay in the city from May to September. In contrast, January through April is the slowest, with October to December pulling in moderate crowds.

If you don't mind the heat or bustling tourism activity, summer boasts some incredible outdoor events. If you want cheaper prices or slower crowds, some of the other seasons might be a better option.

Visit the City of Atlanta During the Perfect Time of Year

With so much to offer in dining, events, and culture, a visit to Atlanta could make for an incredible vacation. Full of Southern charm and world-class attractions, there's something to do year-round.

Ready to explore everything that this city has to offer? See all the best attractions in Atlanta with one simple purchase and save with Atlanta CityPASS® tickets.

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