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World of Coca-Cola - Tickets, Hours, Parking & More

April 22, 2019 By CityPASS

Sold in over 200 countries and territories globally, Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It is synonymous with happiness and refreshment (or so the company likes to believe), and you’d be hard-pressed to find a person on Earth who hasn’t tried at least a sip of one of their beverages. At the World of Coca-Cola, located at Pemberton Place® in Atlanta, Georgia, you’ll be immersed in the history of this famous concoction. Experience classic artifact displays, the opportunity to sample over 100 versions of Coke products, and multimedia viewing at the World of Coca Cola with our family-vacation-friendly Atlanta CityPASS® tickets!

History of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s humble origins began in 1886 when pharmacist John Pemberton decided to cook up his own version of coca wine (Bordeaux wine mixed with coca leaf extract), a beverage popular in France at the time. To avoid the bureaucracy of liquor regulations, he replaced the wine with sugar syrup, added kola-nut extract – which accounts for the "cola" in Coca-Cola – and sold it to local pharmacies, where it was carbonated and served to thirsty patrons. Customers couldn’t get enough of the fizzy beverage, and it soon spread to pharmacies outside of Atlanta and became available for purchase in bottles.

Pemberton’s bookkeeper and business partner, Frank M. Robinson, is credited with coming up with the name as well as the trademarked curling script that serves as the brand’s visual identity to this day.

At the World of Coca-Cola, you’ll get an in-depth account of the beverage’s origins via an engaging multimedia exhibit supplemented with artifacts leading up to the Chamber of the Secret Formula.

World of Coca-Cola Hours

For current hours of operation, please refer to the attraction's website.

Where Do I Park for the World of Coca Cola?

The World of Coke has ample parking thanks to a closely situated parking garage. Directions to the parking garage are found on the World of Coca-Cola website.

How Much Are Tickets to World of Coca-Cola?

If you’re interested in discount tickets to the World of Coca-Cola, check out Atlanta CityPASS® tickets. They will save you on tickets for Atlanta’s top attractions, including the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola’s next-door neighbor in Pemberton Place.

How Long Does it Take to Get Through the World of Coke?

How long it takes to get through the World of Coke depends on how many exhibits you choose to hit. The average visit time for patrons is about 2 hours.

Is There a Coca-Cola Museum?

While there is no official Coca-Cola Museum, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about the history of your favorite fizzy beverage. In The Loft, you can see over 200 historical and international artifacts, like a Coca-Cola syrup urn from 1896, and learn about Coca-Cola’s rich history from an official World of Coke ambassador.

World of Coca-Cola Exhibits

By far the most popular exhibit is Taste It, where you can guzzle unlimited samples of over 100 Coca-Cola products from across the globe. If you’re partial to fruity beverages, take a sip of Sparletta Sparberry, an African drink flavored with raspberry and cream. Ginger fans should try Guaraná Kuat, a Brazilian creation that tastes of guaraná berries (which many say tastes similar to ginger ale). In addition to the exotic beverages, the area also features six Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines that dispense over 100 different types of Coke products.

The Chamber of the Secret Formula is another engaging exhibit in the World of Coca-Cola. The fiercely guarded secret Coke formula lives inside an impenetrable safe inside the building, and this exhibit leads you right to the vault door. While passing through, try the Virtual Tastemaker, where you can invent your own bubbling blend, or step into the Bubble-izer, which "transforms" you into a fizzy entity immersed in effervescent Coca-Cola foam.

Those interested in seeing the bottling process of their favorite drink should head over to Bottle Works. Here visitors will get a behind-the-scenes look at the automated bottling process, which has been slowed down significantly to allow you to get a better idea of how it works.

Wrap your arms around the fuzzy Coca-Cola polar bear and take a photo with this iconic mascot of the brand, then meander through the 10 galleries of Milestones of Refreshment, where you’ll experience the 125+ years of history through antiques like an 1880 soda fountain and a 1939 Argentinian delivery truck. All told, the Milestones exhibit displays over 1,000 artifacts of Coke history.

If you’re keen on movies, check out the Perfect Pauses Theater, where you’ll get to watch four short films depicting a variety of Coke television advertising throughout the world. Or settle in the Coca-Cola Theater for Moments of Happiness, a film celebrating joyous moments both large and small.

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Header Photo Courtesy World of Coca-Cola

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