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The Best Time of Year To Visit Toronto

June 21, 2022 By CityPASS

Toronto—the capital of Ontario, Canada—is a popular tourist destination in North America, with travelers from all over the world vacationing there to take in all of its exciting sights and sounds. Toronto has something for everyone, from the famous CN Tower and the breathtaking Casa Loma to the Royal Ontario Museum and St. Lawrence Market.

Before you book your trip to visit Toronto, there is one important thing to consider: What is the best time to visit Toronto, Canada, to take in everything this dynamic city has to offer?

When Is the Best Time of Year To Visit Toronto?

Unlike a tropical destination's year-round warm weather, Toronto experiences all four seasons of the year. The city is known for bitterly cold winters, with the coldest month typically being January. Also, the summer months can have high temperatures, with July usually coming in as the hottest month of the year.

With these extremes in mind, when is the best time to visit Toronto? The answer is simple: spring and fall.

Early-Mid Spring

The nice thing about visiting Toronto in the early to middle part of spring—particularly in the months of April and May—is that you’re more likely to experience warm weather. This will help make it possible to enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Visiting parks and attractions, dining at fine restaurants, shopping for souvenirs, and walking around the city to see what surprises await you on its bustling streets can all be on your Toronto agenda.

Early-Mid Fall

Another one of the best times to check out Toronto is in September and October. Temperatures may be cooler but still comfortable enough that you don’t need to bundle up. Plus, you can enjoy this quieter period of the year, after the summer crowds have left and before the busy holiday season arrives. Just keep in mind that, like the spring, the fall might bring rain, so pack an umbrella just in case you’ll need it.

Why Are These Distinct Seasons the Best Time for Visitors?

In addition to more comfortable weather conditions, the spring and fall seasons may help you avoid crowds, making it easier to enjoy all of the tours, cultural events, and attractions throughout the city. If you are traveling on a budget, you might also be able to find some awesome deals that can help you save money during these times of the year.

Avoid the Peak Season of Summer Events

Once summer rolls around, higher numbers of tourists begin traveling to Toronto, heading to the area’s beaches and restaurants, crowding the streets, and flocking to the area’s top attractions. If you don’t mind crowds, this can certainly be a fun time to visit, as this is also a time of year when you can participate in festivals and events.

If you are thinking about heading to Toronto during the summer months of June through August, keep in mind that it might be harder to find deals on accommodations and attractions. Booking your flight and hotel in advance may help you save so you won’t have to miss out on the sunshine and entertainment that this season offers.

Dodge Harsh Toronto Weather Conditions During Winter Months

Snow can transform Toronto into a winter wonderland, and the holiday season can be magical. You might even be able to snag some amazing deals if you’re traveling on a tight budget. However, the snow, ice, and wind of this season can make traveling difficult, and it can get in the way of your plans to do and see the things you want, so that’s something to consider.

Toronto's temperatures drop dramatically in the winter, making time outside quite uncomfortable. Be sure to bundle up to stay as warm as possible if you are planning on visiting Toronto before, during, or after the holidays. That way, you can take advantage of the small crowds and quieter streets.

Enjoy City Activities and Attractions for a Fraction of the Price

With so many things to do and places to see throughout Toronto, there is no shortage of activities you can put on your itinerary, whether you are traveling solo, taking your kids on an adventure, or spending some much-needed time off with your friends.

Here are just three of the many places you can visit during your stay in Toronto:

  1. Casa Loma is a hugely popular historic landmark in Toronto. This castle dates back to 1914, and you can tour it and its stunning gardens to see its unique features and architectural beauty. While there, you may feel like you’ve been transported to another world, one far outside the hustle and bustle of the city that surrounds you.
  2. Ontario Science Centre should be on your radar if you like to explore museums and learn about science. It’s also a fantastic place for kids, as they’re sure to have a blast exploring all of the exhibitions and live demonstrations.
  3. The CN Tower is what stands out when you look at the Toronto skyline. Rising 1,815 feet into the air, you can head to the top to take in outstanding 360° views of the city, walk across the glass floor, or test your courage with EdgeWalk. And while you’re there, you can also dine at the 360 Restaurant.

Save Money Anytime You Travel to Toronto by Investing in a Ticket Bundle

Now that you know more about the best time to visit Toronto, you can book the trip of a lifetime. And Toronto CityPASS® tickets can help you save on Toronto's most popular attractions, including the CN Tower, Ontario Science Centre, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, the Toronto Zoo, and City Cruises Toronto.

Regardless of what time of year you head to Toronto, you can use a CityPASS® ticket bundle to save on admission tickets to must-see attractions.

Toronto Lodging

To get the most out of your stay in Toronto, we recommend finding lodging near Toronto's top attractions. Use this map to find the right lodging for you:

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