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Our Favorite Things To Do in Downtown Seattle For All Ages

March 18, 2024 By CityPASS

Downtown Seattle, a hub of endless adventure and culture, beckons travelers of all ages. Whether you're visiting in the sunny summer months or exploring during the milder, cooler months, the heart of this Pacific Northwest city offers a rich tapestry of experiences. From iconic structures that touch the sky to bustling markets echoing with the sounds of local musicians, there's plenty to do in downtown Seattle. And for those moments when you need a break, the city's famed coffee shops are never far away, offering a quintessential Seattle experience.

The diversity of cool attractions in downtown Seattle means that every visit is memorable, unique, and tailored to all preferences. Whether it's your first visit or you're a seasoned traveler to the Emerald City, our curated list of things to do in downtown Seattle guarantees unforgettable experiences for every age group.

8 Things To Do in Downtown Seattle for All Ages

Seattle's downtown area is a vibrant mix of modern urban charm and rich cultural heritage. The options are plentiful, so every itinerary is packed with excitement and discovery. From educational Seattle attractions that captivate curious minds to scenic wonders that awe, the city is a playground for explorers. Here's a glimpse into the top eight attractions and activities that are a must-visit in downtown Seattle.

1. Enjoy the View From the Space Needle

The Space Needle, an emblem of Seattle's skyline, offers spectacular views of the city. Step onto its observation deck and gaze out at the stunning panorama of downtown Seattle, the surrounding waterways, and distant mountain ranges. This 605-foot-tall Space Needle features a breathtaking observation deck, providing 360-degree views that encompass the entire cityscape and beyond. This architectural marvel isn't just a sight to behold from the ground; it's a journey to the clouds that leaves visitors spellbound.

2. Interact With the Marine Life at Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is one of the more popular places to visit in Seattle. Visitors of all ages can come face-to-fin with marine life from Puget Sound and beyond. Touch pools, interactive exhibits, and mesmerizing aquatic displays create an immersive experience that educates and entertains.

3. See the City From a New Angle With Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour

Looking for the best sightseeing in Seattle? Set sail on an Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour for a unique perspective of Seattle. These narrated cruises offer stunning views of the city skyline, bustling waterfront, and the majestic Olympic and Cascade Mountains. It's a perfect way to see Seattle landmarks from the waters and learn about its rich maritime history.

4. Discover the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)

The Museum of Pop Culture is a celebration of creative expression. Located near the Space Needle, this museum is a haven for fans of popular music, science fiction, and culture. With fan-favorite permanent collections, interactive exhibits, and ever-changing displays, MoPOP is a dynamic and engaging experience that resonates with visitors of all ages.

5. Visit the Award-Winning Woodland Park Zoo

Escape to the natural world at the Woodland Park Zoo, a green oasis that showcases wildlife from across the globe. Engage with a variety of animals in carefully crafted habitats, learn about conservation efforts, and participate in interactive educational programs. It's an adventure that brings the animal kingdom closer to you.

6. See Colors Come to Life at Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass is a visual spectacle showcasing the artistry of Dale Chihuly. Wander through the stunning Glasshouse, explore the vibrant gardens, and be amazed by the intricate glass installations that reflect Seattle's artistic spirit. This attraction is a feast for the eyes and a tribute to the transformative power of art.

7. Enjoy a Nice Meal at Pike Place Market

No Seattle trip is complete without a stop at Pike Place Market. This bustling hub of activity offers fresh produce and artisan goods, and it's a culinary destination where you can indulge in a variety of cuisines. From freshly caught seafood to international delicacies, the market offers a taste of Seattle's diverse food scene. Plus, it's a great place to enjoy live music and soak in the local culture.

8. Explore The Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight is an awe-inspiring journey through the history of aviation. With a vast collection of aircraft and space artifacts, this museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of flight. From early biplanes to modern spacecraft, it's a destination that captivates and educates visitors of all ages.

How Do You Get to Downtown Seattle?

Getting to downtown Seattle is a breeze, whether you're arriving by air, land, or sea. If you're flying in, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is your gateway, located just a short drive or light rail ride away from the city center. The Link Light Rail offers a convenient and budget-friendly option to reach downtown, providing a scenic route through various neighborhoods.

For those driving, Seattle is well-connected by major highways and offers plenty of parking options downtown. Additionally, the city's public transportation system, including buses and the Seattle Center Monorail, makes navigating the urban landscape easy and efficient. No matter your mode of transportation, arriving in the heart of Seattle is the start of an unforgettable journey.

Create Family Memories in Seattle With CityPASS® Tickets

Downtown Seattle activities become even more delightful with CityPASS® tickets. From the soaring heights of the Space Needle to the enchanting underwater world of the Seattle Aquarium, CityPASS® tickets make these must-see attractions more affordable. Create lasting memories with your family as you explore, learn, and discover the many things to see in downtown Seattle. The Emerald City is yours to explore, offering experiences catering to every age and interest.

Seattle Lodging

To get the most out of your stay in Seattle, we recommend finding lodging near Seattle's top attractions. Use this map to find the right lodging for you:

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