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7 Seattle Summer Activities That Your Kids Will Enjoy

July 8, 2024 By CityPASS

With its natural beauty and vibrant culture, Seattle is a family-friendly playground during the summer months. You'll find several activities that cater specifically to children in the Emerald City, as it offers endless opportunities for adventure and education. Whether your kids are curious explorers, budding scientists, or nature enthusiasts, Seattle has something to delight every young traveler.

This guide highlights seven exciting Seattle summer activities that will keep your kids entertained and create lasting memories for the whole family.

Why Seattle Is the Perfect Summer Destination for Kids

Seattle's unique blend of excitement and wonders makes it an ideal summer destination for families with children. Whether you're walking city streets or wandering through parks, the mild summer weather allows for comfortable exploration. Seattle's neighborhoods offer many attractions designed to engage young minds and spark curiosity.

One of the city's standout features is its commitment to education through entertainment. Many of Seattle's top attractions, such as museums and science centers, provide interactive exhibits that make learning fun for kids. Additionally, the city's focus on outdoor activities lets children enjoy fresh air and exercise while discovering new interests.

7 Fun Things for Kids To Do in Seattle

Seattle offers numerous activities that promise fun and excitement for kids of all ages.

1. Engage in Hands-On Learning at the Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center is a haven for curious minds. Kids can immerse themselves in interactive exhibits that cover a wide range of scientific fields, from space exploration to biology. The hands-on approach allows children to engage directly with the material, sparking their curiosity and encouraging a love for learning.

Highlights include the planetarium and the Tropical Butterfly House, offering a close-up view of beautiful butterflies in a tropical setting. With so many exhibits designed to be both educational and entertaining, the Pacific Science Center makes science come alive no matter your age.

2. Embark on an Adventure at Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo offers an exciting adventure for kids, with an array of animals from around the world. Children can observe majestic creatures such as lions, giraffes, and monkeys up close while learning about their habitats. The zoo's interactive exhibits and educational programs engage young minds, encouraging a deeper appreciation of wildlife and the importance of protecting it.

Kids will love the Zoomazium, an indoor play space designed to teach them about nature through play. The beautifully landscaped grounds and themed areas, such as the African Savanna and Tropical Rain Forest, create an immersive experience that combines fun with learning.

3. Ascend the Space Needle for Unforgettable Memories

A visit to Seattle isn't complete without experiencing the iconic Space Needle. Kids will be thrilled by the adventure of ascending this architectural marvel. The glass-floored observation deck provides a heart-pounding experience and offers stunning panoramic views of the city, Puget Sound, and the surrounding mountains. The experience of looking out over Seattle from such a height creates long-lasting memories and offers a unique perspective on the beauty of the city.

4. Learn About Marine Conservation at Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium introduces children to marine life and the importance of conservation through its engaging exhibits and interactive displays. Kids can get hands-on experience at the touch pools, where they can gently explore the textures of sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

The playful antics of sea otters and the majestic movements of octopuses captivate young audiences, making learning about marine ecosystems fun and memorable. The underwater dome, offering a 360-degree view of a vibrant underwater world, immerses you in the beauty and diversity of marine life.

Educational programs and daily feedings further enhance the experience, teaching kids about the critical role of conservation in protecting our oceans.

5. Capture Amazing Photos on an Argosy Harbor Tour

An Argosy Harbor Tour offers a delightful way to explore Seattle from the water, providing stunning views of the city's skyline and waterfront. Kids will love the adventure of cruising past iconic landmarks such as the Space Needle, the Great Wheel, and historic piers.

The tour's narration shares fascinating stories about Seattle's history, architecture, and maritime culture, making it both entertaining and educational. With the opportunity to capture amazing photos of the cityscape and the surrounding natural beauty, an Argosy Harbor Tour is a perfect family activity that combines sightseeing with a touch of adventure.

6. Explore Discovery Park

Discovery Park, Seattle's largest green space, offers a natural retreat where kids can explore and connect with nature. The park features various landscapes, including forests, meadows, and beaches, providing endless opportunities for outdoor activities. You and your kids can hike the scenic trails, discover tide pools teeming with marine life, and watch for birds and other wildlife. With its breathtaking views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, Discovery Park is a perfect destination for a family day of adventure and learning in the great outdoors.

7. Have Some Summer Fun on Alki Beach

Alki Beach is the perfect spot for a sunny day of fun and relaxation. Children can spend hours building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, and exploring the tide pools that dot the shoreline. The beach's wide expanse of sand and gentle waves make it an ideal location for swimming and wading.

You can also enjoy a scenic bike ride or a stroll along the beachfront promenade, which offers excellent views of the Seattle skyline and the Olympic Mountains. Picnic areas and nearby cafes provide convenient options for a family meal. The lively yet laid-back atmosphere of Alki Beach ensures a delightful day of summer fun for kids and adults alike.

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