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Immerse Yourself in Houston Culture: Events, Scenes, and Attractions

August 30, 2022 By CityPASS

For all the recognition Houston gets, its sheer cultural, artistic, and intellectual diversity is often overlooked. It's certainly a haven for that Texas charm that often comes to mind, but the Houston culture scene has so much more going for it. It's only natural since the city is considered the most diverse city in America. As long as you're visiting Houston, you might as well see everything it has to offer, right?

How To Experience Houston Culture

The only way to understand Houston is to immerse yourself in every aspect of its culture. Continue reading to find some of our favorite suggestions.

1. Attend a Concert of Any Size, From Country Music to Rap

When you think of Texas music, country obviously comes to mind first, and Houston has no shortage of it. The city is the birthplace of the late Kenny Rogers, after all. However, the music scene in Houston is quite diverse, from concerts of all genres to instrumental displays by the Houston Symphony. Though Houston also has a vibrant rap scene, the influence of African American culture on Houston's musical culture doesn't end there. The critically acclaimed Houston Ebony Music Society regularly puts on magnificent displays of concert and opera music. Opera aficionados will also be interested in the Houston Grand Opera.

2. Catch a Live Performance in the Theater District

Houston's large, diverse population gives it a lot of inspiration to draw from when it comes to live performances, and this is on full display in its Theater District. Here, you are sure to find a live show to your and your family's liking. Whether it's a musical play, a live DJ, or even salsa lessons, there truly is something for everyone here. Keep an eye on any Houston cultural events or shows you might want to catch so you can plan your visit to Houston around them.

3. Partake in the Incredibly Diverse Culinary Scene

Once you understand how diverse the city of Houston is, it should come as no surprise that its culinary scene has few equals. Obviously, if it's barbecue — which is beef brisket here — or burgers you're after, you'll find no shortage of options. However, there is far more to the city's food scene. There is plenty of Mexican and Tex-Mex to go around, and cuisines such as Thai, French, and South African are also at home in Houston. There are also lots of steaks, pizza, and seafood to go around, so your options are nearly unlimited. Try something new each day and get the most out of Houston's culinary scene!

4. Engage in the Thriving Hip-Hop Culture at a Downtown Club

Visitors to Houston are often surprised by the strong hip-hop community, but locals know that African American culture flourishes in this city. Thanks to artists such as Travis Scott, Chamillionaire, and Megan Thee Stallion, Houston hip-hop has grown bigger than itself and influenced the national hip-hop culture. When the sun goes down, immerse yourself in this unique aspect of Houston culture at popular clubs such as Barbarella, Spire, or Etro. Maybe you'll catch sight of Houston's next big name!

5. Take a Deep Dive Into Art, Science and Fun in the Museum District

Young or old, there's always more for us to learn, especially in a historical city like Houston. Fortunately, the city is dedicated to educating the public through its many museums. Enjoy art from around the world at the Museum of Fine Arts or engage the natural world at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Treat your kids to a fun and educational experience they'll never forget at the Children's Museum Houston. There are many other museums supporting the Houston arts scene waiting for you to explore them, so come back again and again until you've seen them all!

6. Support the City's Rising Literary Scene by Visiting a Library or Bookstore

Houston is a city dedicated to nurturing its literary community. Houston Public Library (HPL) does extraordinary work maintaining the city's public library system, but it also provides other services such as helping young people explore education options and creating events meant to bring people together. There are also many book stores that thrive in Houston, such as Blue Willow Bookshop and Kindred Stories. If you've come to Houston looking to take part in a literary event or simply want to find a good read, Read Houston is an excellent resource.

7. Interact With People From All Walks of Life at Kemah Boardwalk

How about some waterside play during your visit to Houston? Kemah Boardwalk guarantees fun for the whole family. Enjoy a number of thrilling rides, then relax with pizza, seafood, or tacos. For the adventurous, special attractions such as the Boardwalk Beast Speedboat Thrill Ride and the Stingray Reef & Rainforest Exhibit await. Festivals take place every weekend, and there are numerous parking and lodging options around. If nothing else, Kemah Boardwalk lies only 20 miles outside the city of Houston, so it's not hard to get to from your inner-city hotel.

8. Witness Houston's Unique Car Culture at the Art Car Parade

Houston car culture is a large part of its identity. In fact, slab culture was born in Houston during the 1980s. However, the biggest celebration of cars in Houston is, without a doubt, the annual Art Car Parade. This event celebrates the car as not just a mode of transportation, but a canvas for any kind of art you can imagine. Though participants compete for a $2,000 USD grand prize, it's also a joy to simply watch and immerse yourself in the creativity. This free four-day event attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, so come see this spectacle for yourself!

Are You Ready To Explore Houston's Diverse Cultural Scene?

Houston is a city brimming with style and cultural diversity, so it may take a while to see it all. If you're worried about ticket purchases eating into your time and budget, worry not! Make visiting Houston easy with the Houston CityPASS® ticket bundle, which gives you entry to multiple attractions with one easy purchase and saves you !

Houston and its people are waiting for you, so gain easy access with CityPASS® tickets today!

Houston Lodging

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