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How to Plan an Atlanta Vacation

June 7, 2022 By CityPASS

Boasting exceptional cuisine, trendy shopping, and all kinds of intriguing attractions, Atlanta offers something for every type of traveler.

This vibrant city is a must-visit, but advance preparation is essential if you're determined to see it all on a budget. Keep reading to learn how to plan an amazing vacation in Atlanta.

Tips for Planning Your Atlanta Vacation

With so much to do and see in Atlanta, planning the perfect vacation can feel a bit overwhelming. At times, you may feel torn between the idea of a cost-effective getaway and the desire to experience everything this gem of a city has to offer. These Atlanta travel tips will streamline the process and help you make the most of your adventure.

1. Set a Budget within a Reasonable Price Range

Atlanta's versatility as a travel destination extends to pricing. It's possible to have a great time when you're short on cash, but you can also easily spend big bucks on sophisticated accommodations or fancy meals out.

Before you go all-out with planning, consider your budget. Factors to take into account include:

  • Which types of compromises you're willing to make. Are you hoping to stay in a luxury hotel? Or does your idea of the perfect vacation involve several sophisticated meals out? Determine the type of vacation you want before prioritizing where you're willing to save and where you'd prefer to splurge.
  • The cost of travel. Atlanta's status as an airport hub means that affordable flights are easily obtained. Still, your budget will depend largely on how you get to Atlanta — and how you get around once you arrive. Get a handle on these essentials early on so you know whether you can splurge on lodgings or attractions.
  • Your desire to avoid stress. Some expenses make your trip feel more extravagant. Others are simply worthwhile because they keep you from stressing about traffic or other common concerns. A little cushion in your vacation budget can make the entire experience a lot more enjoyable, so save a little extra for the sake of convenience.

2. Consider a Vacation Package to Save Time and Money

Many of the greatest sources of vacation savings eat up valuable time. For example, public transit tends to cost less than car rentals, but you may quickly find that you value the flexibility provided by traveling by car. Maybe you're even willing to pay extra for taxis if they save you the hassle of parking in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Occasionally, vacation solutions allow you to save both time and money. CityPASS® ticket packages are especially valuable in this regard. These solutions bundle admission to several top attractions, ensuring the lowest possible per-ticket price.

CityPASS® tickets deliver exceptional value when you want to do it all but struggle to justify paying for so many tickets or entrance fees. It also frees you from fretting over your itinerary when you're not exactly sure what you want to do.

3. Research the Average Price of Parking, Hotels, and More

Atlanta prices are reasonable as compared to many other travel hubs, but you still may be in for a bit of sticker shock if you're unaccustomed to extra expenses in downtown destinations.

If you're worried, do your homework. The better you understand "typical" prices for various times of the year, the less likely you are to overpay.

Thankfully, a wealth of information is available. If you have time, you may find the most simple method is by using a search engine or a travel app to find top offerings for a specific time of year.

Your travel research should reflect the various neighborhoods you hope to explore during your Atlanta adventure. Keep in mind that parking is often free in certain suburbs, where hotel rooms may be available for under $150 per night.

If you want the convenience and excitement of staying near trendy areas such as Castleberry Hill or the Old Fourth Ward, be prepared to pay more for every aspect of your visit.

4. Choose Your Accommodation Options Early

As Atlanta becomes more popular among tourists, the best hotels and rental properties may book up months in advance. As such, it's important to book early whenever possible. Wait just a few weeks, and you may find that vacancies at the most desirable hotels disappear.

Another potential advantage of booking early? Some properties provide significant discounts to travelers who reserve their accommodations far in advance. Finalizing accommodations also eases itinerary planning, as you'll have a better sense for which attractions are quickest to reach.

Use this map to find the right lodging for you:

5. Determine the Major Attractions You Can't Miss

Atlanta is jam-packed with exciting tourist attractions. From the Georgia Aquarium to the World of Coca-Cola and even Zoo Atlanta, this city provides plenty to keep you and your loved ones busy.

The downside? It's hard to do it all. As you finalize your itinerary, consider whether you might feel disappointed if forced to miss out on specific attractions. Create a top-five ranking not only for your desired destinations, but those of your travel companions as well.

Next, set aside at least half a day for each major attraction that multiple travelers from your group want to check out. Some may require a full day to truly appreciate. Favorites worth considering include:

6. Keep Hurricane Season in Mind While Traveling

Atlanta may not be typically thought of as a hurricane-compromised travel destination, but weather can still present a considerable risk during certain times of the year. Late summer and early fall in particular warrant caution, as hurricanes hit their peak in mid-September.

Visit at the wrong time, and you may be forced to seek shelter from tropical storms. This can be inconvenient at best, or, in especially severe situations, downright dangerous. When in doubt, add several museum days or other indoor activities to your itinerary.

Save Money on Atlanta's Top City Destinations by Investing in a Ticket Bundle

It doesn’t matter if you have a detailed itinerary for everyone to follow or expect your travel party to visit different attractions. With the right ticket bundle, you can keep costs manageable while still treating yourself (and your loved ones) to an unforgettable vacation.

Whether your idea of the perfect getaway involves meandering along Peachtree Street or hitting all the city's beloved museums, you'll thank yourself for checking out this Southern gem.

Atlanta CityPASS® tickets can get you everywhere you want to go without breaking the bank!

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