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A Guide to The Perfect Up-Close Experience of CNN Studios Atlanta

In 1980, Ted Turner had a vision: create the world’s first 24-hour cable news station. That vision is now a reality; his Cable News Network (CNN) is one of the most-watched channels in the country. And thanks to the CNN Studio tours, you can pull back the curtain to see how the giant machine that is CNN functions.

The Illustrious History of the CNN Center

The CNN Center in Atlanta, Ga., opened first as the Omni Complex and initially hosted both an indoor skating rink and the first indoor theme park, The World of Sid and Marty Krofft. While the indoor theme park closed its doors after six months, CNN made efficient use of the newly available space. CNN filled the floors with newsrooms and office cubicles, and replaced the indoor skating rink with a mosaic map of the world with identifiers for every CNN news bureau outpost across the globe.

CNN Studio Tour Options

The CNN studio in Atlanta no longer produces weekday content, but it’s still a buzzing hive of activity. There are a few options for tourists curious to see the inner workings of this news channel juggernaut. Those looking for an inside peek inside Studio 7, the largest CNN studio in the world, or who want to learn the basics (e.g., how a teleprompter and the weather map work) should opt for the Behind-the-Scenes Tour. This guided tour will give you insight into the exciting world of 24/7 news coverage, and provide the opportunity to ask your guide all your burning questions about CNN.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth and personal tour, the CNN Center also offers a VIP option, which promises expanded access into the high-tech studio and popular newsrooms. Fans of Robin Meade should make a beeline for the HLN Morning Express Tour with Robin Meade, where you’ll get the opportunity to meet Robin in person.

How Long Does the CNN Tour Take?

The CNN Tour is a 50-minute guided walking tour. Your tour guide will give you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at how a live broadcast is produced.

CNN Center Food Court and Highlights

Along with its high-profile primary tenant, the CNN Center also boasts a legendary food court, an Omni Hotel, and the world’s longest freestanding escalator. (At eight stories tall, individuals with acrophobia should steer clear of this monster, but others will relish its campy appeal!)

The CNN Center food court is beloved by visitors and locals alike. It’s bursting with popular fast-casual restaurants like Burger-Fi (which features grass-fed beef burgers and craft beer) and sit-down options like Moe’s Southwest Grill, which adds a Southwestern twist to your favorite Mexican dishes. The assortment of options means there’s no excuse for a growling tummy during a CNN Studio Tour.

How to Buy CNN Studio Tour Tickets

You can purchase CNN Center tour tickets on the official CNN Studio Tours website. If you want to snag a discount on a CNN Tour, however, look no further than Atlanta CityPASS. Along with deep savings on the Behind-the-Scenes CNN Studio Tour, you’ll get discounted admission on other top Atlanta tourist spots like the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium. It’s the perfect way to explore all that Atlanta has to offer, for less!

CNN Center Tour Parking and Address

The Atlanta CNN Center is located at 190 Marietta Street in the northwest part of the city. It is easily accessible by car, bus, the Atlanta Streetcar, and MARTA (the city’s public transportation system.) Visitors can park at the CNN Center Parking deck for $10 per day, but there is also public parking within easy walking distance of the Center.

Visit the CNN Center for Less With CityPASS

Whether you’re a newshound who can’t get enough breaking news, or just curious about what happens behind the scenes to keep this highly respected news channel in motion, a visit to the CNN Center is sure to leave you with deep respect for the channel and all those who work tirelessly to make it what it is today. Before you plan your visit to the CNN Center, make sure to get your Atlanta CityPASS to save significantly off admission prices to Atlanta’s most popular attractions. In addition to the CNN Studio Tour, it offers discounted admission to the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, and more! Book your trip, grab your CityPASS, and get set for some family-friendly fun in Atlanta.