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A Complete Guide to Toronto's Nightlife

September 29, 2023 By CityPASS

Toronto is a cultural hub for music, theater, and an exciting nightlife scene. With various special events and festivals, museums, and historical attractions, Toronto is a fantastic city to visit.

The nightlife in Toronto is what helps set it apart from other cities. With so many things to do at night, there's fun to be had around almost every corner. In fact, there are so many places to choose from that it can be challenging to narrow down your top picks. That's why we've compiled a list of some of the best places to experience Toronto's nightlife.

The Best Places To Go To Experience Toronto Nightlife

Toronto has you covered no matter what nightlife options you're interested in. From five-star cuisine to dance clubs, live music, or upscale bars, there's something for everyone. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) even offers a weekly night of fun while you explore the museum. If you're searching for a way to have an unforgettable busy night in Toronto, we've got you covered.

The Entertainment District

Toronto's Entertainment District is one of the best places to go at night. As part of the vibrant night scene here, you could catch a show at one of the oldest theaters in North America, the Royal Alexandra Theatre.

If you're visiting Toronto in the warmer months, one of the best rooftop bars for grabbing a drink and taking a dip in the pool is Kost, which is on top of the Bisha Hotel. You can also catch great panoramic views of the city's skyline here.

The Fifth Social Club is one of the best Toronto nightclubs, offering a modern dance club with a rooftop patio, bottle service, live music, food, and cocktails. There is a dress code, though, so you want to check on their website before you go to ensure you and your friends have an unforgettable night.

Queen Street West

One of the most popular lounges in Toronto downtown is Drake Underground, located on Queen Street West. This lounge has dancing, stand-up comedy, live performances, and more, so chances are you'll be able to catch a live show at this lounge in the basement of The Drake Hotel.

Another popular spot located on Queen West is the Rhino Bar and Grill. You'll find a couple of pool tables and an outdoor patio to enjoy in good weather. You can grab some late-night Toronto food and wash it down with local draft craft beer.

King Street West

Once an industrial part of Toronto, King Street West has some popular hangouts. Located in downtown Toronto, King Street West is home to many nightclubs, cocktail bars, and jazz clubs. With its upscale lounges and rooftop bars, you could spend the entire night in this area alone.

King Street West's food scene is a melting pot of delectable options. Petty Cash is one of the best bar restaurants to party at night in Toronto. At Petty Cash, you can catch live music, pizza, and classic appetizers served with cocktails or beer for a fun-filled night on the town.

The Annex

The Annex is one of Toronto's oldest neighborhoods. Because of its proximity to the University of Toronto, you'll mingle with a large student population who have inside knowledge of the neighborhood and the best places to hang out at night.

Check out the Madison or "Maddy," a pub that serves a large selection of local brews with homemade food. The bar has large Victorian rooms with many outdoor patios where you can check out the scenery or wash down a basket of wings with a cool beverage.

Church Wellesley Village

The Village is Toronto's LGBTQ+ community hotspot. Toronto nights here are full of dancing, drag shows, and some of the tastiest cocktails.

If you want to catch a drag show, Crews and Tangos have nightly performances. Or, if you’re looking for a more relaxed bar, Pegasus has pool tables, a pinball machine, and trivia games. Woody's is also one of the trendy nightclubs in Toronto, thanks to its multiple bars.

Dundas West

Dundas West is one of the nightlife hotspots that come to life in Toronto after dark. If you're looking for fun things to do in Toronto at night, head over to the Get Well Bar at Dundas West. You can play retro arcade games like Donkey Kong or Ms. Pac-Man. Or you can drink craft beer, chow down on pizza, and just kick back in this nostalgic bar.

Montauk is one of the best nightclubs in Toronto, located in Dundas West. Montauk is known for its creative cocktails, but you can also grab a glass of wine or a beer.

What To Expect From Toronto's Nightlife During the Weekends

Thanks to its diverse population, Toronto offers some of the most unique bars and clubs anywhere in the world. And there's just something about going out at night on the weekends that makes Toronto's after-dark scene even more magical.

However, remember that there will be more people out and about on the weekends, so you may have longer lines and wait times, especially at the more intimate venues. But with such a broad array of lounges, bars, clubs, and music venues, you'll quickly find some of the best nightlife in Toronto.

Experience Toronto's Vibrant Nightlife Like Never Before

Enjoy this vibrant city's nightlife scene when you plan your next trip to Toronto. Of course, you'll need something to do during the day, and seeing some of the unique attractions this city offers is one of the best ways to fill those daylight hours. Plus, you can save up to off admission to the top attractions in Toronto if you purchase Toronto CityPASS® tickets.

Lodging in Toronto

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