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What To Expect at Tampa Bay’s Museum of Science and Industry

March 15, 2024 By CityPASS

Tampa Bay is known for its sparkling beaches, sunny days, and countless water sports and activities. However, if you're looking to take a break from the beach and are searching for the perfect indoor activity, the Museum of Science and Industry Tampa (MOSI) might be just the thing for you. With thrilling exhibits on all kinds of scientific topics, the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa is an experience that the whole family won't soon forget.

Even though this museum is excellent for all ages, children will especially enjoy MOSI since it has more than 100 different hands-on activities to explore. These sensory-rich activities and exhibitions let kids get creative and experience natural science exhibits, technology, engineering, and so much more in a fun and interesting way they've probably never seen before. Find out why this museum in North Tampa is the perfect way to explore something new with your family.

6 Exhibits You Can Expect To See at MOSI in Tampa

The Tampa Museum of Science and Industry dates back to 1962. Since then, MOSI has been an exciting place for adults and kids of all ages to get an understanding of science through hands-on workshops, captivating exhibits, optical illusions, and informational sessions.

MOSI has both permanent and temporary exhibits covering several different topics, as well as some add-on experiences. Plan on spending two or three hours at MOSI to immerse yourself in each exhibit.

Below are some innovative and exciting things you can expect to find at the Museum of Science and Industry Tampa, one of the city's top attractions.

Discover the Amazing Workings of the Human Body

If your little ones are interested in health and the human body, A Look Inside is one of the exhibits you can't miss at MOSI. This is an exhibition about health that explores several different topics in fun ways that are easy for kids to understand. A Look Inside explains how nutrition, fitness and medicine impact our bodies and everyday lives.

Several hands-on activities within the exhibit give visitors a chance to understand the human body's inner workings at each stage of life. One activity that will thrill kids and adults alike is the life-size version of the game Operation, where you get to be the surgeon!

Come Face-to-Face With the Future of Technology at the Science Center

Next up, check out Connectus, one of MOSI's newer exhibits that features technologies that aren't yet available to the public. Unlike any other science center in America, Connectus explores developmental milestones happening in Tampa Bay and across the U.S. regarding ground-breaking technology. Most importantly, this exhibit shows children how innovators and engineers put vital STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) skills into practice daily.

This exhibit has a lot to see and touch, as it's highly hands-on. It lets you explore the future possibilities of all that science and technology can do. This is a great attraction for curious minds interested in all things tech.

Explore Permanent Exhibits of Prehistoric Life With the Dinovations Lab

The Dinovations Lab is a Jurassic-themed exhibit that explores topics like prehistory and paleontology in a fun simulated camp setting. This look at the natural world before humans features one of the largest dinosaurs — Diplodocus — and actual dino poop you can touch!

Dinovations Lab blends different elements to keep things interesting: animations, crawl-through challenges, and the chance to feel like a real paleontologist in the PaleoLab. Dino-lovers of all ages can get into this unique exploration of what it was like when dinosaurs roamed the planet. Both mysterious and unbelievable, the world of dinosaurs is at your fingertips.

Immerse Yourself in Life on the Moon at Mission: Moonbase

Once you've explored prehistory, why not leave the planet entirely by taking off into Mission: Moonbase? Here, you can step through an airlock and learn what life might be like in a lunar colony. Would-be space explorers will learn how to grow food and cultivate water supplies on their lunar base, in addition to collecting samples from the moon's surface for analysis. Mission: Moonbase gives everyone the chance to discover the mysteries of space and live like an astronaut for a day.

Create Your Own Projects and Inventions at the Interactive Ideazone

If you really want to get creative, head over to Ideazone, a makerspace that allows you to bring your ideas to life. Try your hand at building a robot or doing hands-on experiments with electricity. There are different projects and themes to explore each month, so you'll find something new to discover and build with each visit.

Learn About Butterflies

LiveCycles Butterfly Encounter is an interactive garden that showcases the life cycle of butterflies, fostering a deep appreciation for their significance in nature. Visitors will also learn about conservation efforts and how they can contribute.

Coming in 2024 is the Butterfly Maze Exhibit. This unique experience will educate visitors about butterfly navigation, migration, and their vital role in pollination. It will engage visitors through an immersive, maze-like experience that promotes hands-on learning.

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