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5 Disneyland Tips for First-Timers

December 18, 2023 By CityPASS

For countless families and children of all ages, a trip to Disneyland® Resort represents the vacation of a lifetime. As you pass through the iconic gates and set foot onto Main Street U.S.A., you'll instantly be immersed in a world of fantasy, adventure, and childhood dreams come true. From enchanting parades with beloved characters to thrilling rides based on favorite Disney films, Disneyland offers nonstop magic and favorite attractions around every corner.

The sheer scope of activities, dining, and entertainment can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. However, with proper planning and a few insider tips, you can make the most of the Southern California and Disneyland magic and create lifelong memories on your inaugural visit.

The following guide provides key insights and Disneyland tips for first-timers. By understanding how to find shorter wait times, pack properly for a comfortable visit, take advantage of money-saving strategies, and leverage the Disneyland app to select rides, you'll feel like a pro on your very first day. With realistic expectations and helpful hacks, you can sidestep rookie mistakes and spend your day immersed in Disney magic instead of being lost in logistics.

From the nostalgia of Indiana Jones Adventure to the thrills of hyperspace on Space Mountain, let the Disney enchantment wash over you and your family. It's time to explore the Happiest Place on Earth like VIP insiders.

How To Navigate the Disneyland Like a Pro

1. Research Must-Visit Attractions in Preparation

As you're planning the best time to make your trip to Southern California, research your planned activities, too. This allows you to prioritize and select attractions most meaningful to you. Thrill-seekers may have Space Mountain at the top of their list, while sentimental guests may be drawn to classics like It's a Small World. Those with little ones will likely focus on kid-friendly rides and shows.

Create a customized roster of your top five or 10 must-visit attractions. This prevents you from feeling overwhelmed amidst the sea of options and means you don't miss out on experiences important to you. Don't forget to plan your dining events in advance, too. Some eateries, like the Lamplight Lounge, take dining reservations. The official Disneyland app lets you view attractions and dining by category, helping inform your selections.

2. Pack Essentials for a Comfortable and Enjoyable Day at Disneyland

A comfortable day at Disneyland starts with smart packing. Be sure to pack:

  • Sunscreen to protect against the California sun
  • A portable phone charger to keep devices powered up
  • Healthy snacks like granola bars to refuel between meals
  • A refillable water bottle to stay hydrated in the summer heat

Take cues from the weather to pack properly. The right supplies will keep your group energized and comfortable all day long.

3. Dress Smart for a Weather-Ready Day of Fun

Disneyland involves a lot of walking, waiting, and riding, so dress accordingly. Opt for broken-in walking shoes to keep your feet happy and comfortable. Loose, breathable clothing allows you to move and layer up as needed. If rain is expected, bring a waterproof jacket to throw on.

For kids, opt for durable, machine-washable outfits that can withstand spills and messes. Backpacks help them carry their own snacks and supplies. You can focus on the fun by dressing practically for a busy theme park day.

4. Track Your Spending to Enjoy Disneyland Without Breaking the Bank

Creating a budget for your trip allows you to enjoy the magic without breaking the bank. Consider these money-saving tips:

  • Set a souvenir budget for each family member so everyone can pick out something special
  • Book discount meal vouchers ahead of time
  • Buy reusable water bottles and snacks at nearby stores versus in-park dining options
  • Limit impulse food purchases by eating before entering and packing snacks
  • Take advantage of early park entry to maximize time in line for popular rides
  • Choose only one favorite ride to purchase a ride photo from
  • Consider buying CityPASS® tickets so you can save money and add Disney California Adventure® Park to your adventure.

Budgeting creatively helps you splurge on what matters most while eliminating excess spending.

5. Arrive Early and Use the Disneyland App

Arriving early is one of the best ways to avoid long queues and get more done. Consider staying near the park at Paradise Pier Hotel to make this even simpler. This allows you to hit up popular attractions with shorter lines first thing.

Make sure to download the official Disneyland app. It provides real-time ride wait times, helpful maps, dining locations and menus, show schedules, and mobile food ordering options. Select rides with shorter wait times when your crew needs an easy win. Use the app to optimize your time and navigate to select attractions efficiently.

Get the Most Value Out of Your Disneyland Experience

While a trip to Disneyland makes for memorable family bonding, admissions, food, and activities can add up. Savvy travelers use Southern California CityPASS® tickets to maximize value from their vacation budget.

CityPASS® tickets provide admission and save money at Southern California's top attractions, including the legendary Disneyland® Resort. For one low price, you get tickets to Disneyland® Park and Disney California Adventure® Park, providing park hopping access to rides, shows, and experiences throughout the resort.

With CityPASS® tickets, you can soak up all the nostalgia and fantasy of Disney while ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. With the money saved on Disneyland tickets, you can splurge on extras like dining, merchandise, and magical upgrades.

Armed with these Disneyland tips, you're ready for a seamless, memorable journey through the "Happiest Place on Earth." Let the Disney magic sweep you away as you laugh, scream, and smile your way through the parks' lively attractions.

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