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The Story of Coca-Cola and Atlanta From Its Origins to Now

Coca-Cola is an integral part of Atlanta’s history. Since its creation in the 19th century, the company’s headquarters have remained in the state capitol, currently employing nearly 5,000 people. The company is a huge part of the city’s identity, so the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta was created to tell its story from the very beginning through today.


Adler at Night: The Perfect After-Dark Chicago Experience

Racking your brain trying to find a special spot for a date night? Love space and want to get up close and personal with thousands of stars glistening above you? Itching to learn some wild astronomy and space facts? From incurable romantics to curious space explorers and astronomers in the making, the perfect place to go in Chicago after sundown is its world-famous Adler Planetarium.

san diego

Why San Diego Is a Top “Foodie” City in America

If it's been a while since you've visited San Diego, you'll want to plan a trip soon because you could spend an entire weekend on a food tour of San Diego's food trucks and restaurants and barely scratch the surface.


Encountering Toronto Culture: Unique Features, Places, and Events

When you think of a cosmopolitan city, Toronto, Canada, should come to mind. Toronto has a rich and varied cultural heritage. You can find food from every corner of the globe, and various cultures are woven together beautifully in this city's festivals and museums.

travel news

Diving Into Marine Life From the Best Aquariums in North America

The best aquariums in North America allow visitors to see gorgeous animals interacting with one another in their natural settings. The United States is home to some of the world's biggest aquariums. We have compiled a list of some of the most exciting aquariums in North America to see marine life up close and personal.

tampa bay

What To Expect at Tampa Bay’s Museum of Science and Industry

If you’re looking to take a break from the beach and are searching for the perfect indoor activity, the Museum of Science and Industry Tampa (MOSI) might be just the thing for you. With thrilling exhibits on all kinds of scientific topics, the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa is an experience that the whole family won’t soon forget.