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What To Expect When Visiting EPCOT® at Walt Disney World® Resort

February 3, 2023 By CityPASS

If you've ever been to EPCOT®, one of the unique theme parks at Walt Disney World® Resort, you're aware of the magical experiences you can have there. Even if you haven't visited, you may have seen some of Disney's beautiful concept art over the years. Yet, you still may be wondering, "What is it that makes EPCOT® so unique?" Let's take a closer look at some of the top experiences you can enjoy at EPCOT®.

Top Experiences and Rides at EPCOT®

EPCOT® has so many potential locations for fun that it can take time to choose what to do first. You could check out Walt Disney Productions collectibles at the central shops. In addition, you can discover different cultures in the community through food and drink. But if you're more interested in the rides and attractions, check out the top rides at EPCOT®.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

If you love indoor roller coasters, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is the ride for you. This is one of the longest indoor coasters at Walt Disney World. Opened in May 2022, the ride features explosive video effects as it travels up to 39 miles per hour. Additionally, you rotate 360 degrees to feel immersed in saving the galaxy.

You won't need to stand in line for this ride, though, as the My Disney Experience app will place you into a virtual queue. So, you can eat or do something else while waiting for your ride. You can also purchase Lightning Lane tickets for the ride.

Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After is a slow boat ride through Arendelle, complete with the musical tunes from the Frozen films. Located at the Norway Pavilion, you can choose a boat and take off to the ice palace. You will meet Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and others on your journey through the mountains. This attraction is great for all ages, but you may get wet as you ride. If you have Frozen fans in your group, this is a must-see. Unfortunately, the wait time can get long due to its popularity. Genie+ is an option for making a reservation ahead of time.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure is another newer ride at EPCOT®. In this 4D motion simulation adventure based on the film Ratatouille, you join Chef Remy as he runs through the kitchen. Disney first opened the ride in October 2021, when Walt Disney World® Resort turned 50 years old. This ride is fun for the whole family, and there are no height restrictions.

Spaceship Earth

If you've seen pictures of EPCOT®, then you may have seen this iconic display symbol. Spaceship Earth is the 165-foot-tall geodesic sphere located at the front of the park. You can travel back in time to see how technology has evolved in our world over the years.

This 16-minute ride in the dark begins at the dawn of humanity. Then, it takes you through all the necessary innovations, like the printing press, the moon landing, and more exciting advancements that have led to today's modern technology. Once you return to modern times, you can use your vehicle's touch screen to create your future utopia. This exhibit has no height or age requirement, so everyone can enjoy the trip through time.

Soarin' Around the World

Soarin' is a flying motion simulator that takes you around different breathtaking views of the world. You hang-glide over the Swiss Alps, Egypt's pyramids, and even the Great Wall of China. You view the world's natural wonders from way up in the clouds.

The 80-foot IMAX projection screen is complete with all the sound effects and music. Every one of your senses will come together to make this flight as authentic as possible, including smells.

Riders must be at least 40 inches tall. Because this is a popular ride, you should try to obtain a Lightning Lane ticket or, if you have Genie+, make a reservation if you don't want to wait too long.

Mission: Space

Mission: Space is a centrifugal motion simulator that lets you feel what it would be like to take off in a spacecraft at full force. It's so realistic that, before you can even take off, you must attend a training session and learn your important role for the cruise. You can either be a navigator, commander, pilot, or engineer. After training, you can choose the green mission or the orange mission.

The green mission doesn't have the movement that the orange mission to Mars has. If you're a thrill-seeker, you can choose the orange mission to Mars. For the Mars trip, you must be 44 inches or taller. The centrifuge spins, and the ride feels more intense, so if you have smaller ones or are sensitive to motion sickness, the green mission is gentler. You must be at least 40 inches tall to ride the green mission.

Test Track

Test Track will satisfy the thrill seekers in your group. First, you design your custom simulator car in the Chevrolet Design Center. Next, you get to test drive it on the track. With speeds up to 65 MPH, you will go through rough terrain and encounter obstacles that appear in your way. You can speed through the straightaways and climb hills.

Your SIM car will take 50-degree turns while you put it through rigorous car tests. After the tests, you can take a picture with your vehicle to bring home and show all your friends.

Drinking Around the World

Drinking Around the World is an adult experience that can be a fun way to immerse yourself in the various cultures from around the world. What better way to learn about the cultures of countries than to sample drinks from each one at EPCOT®?

They make many mocktails if you don't drink, too, so you can still have fun without alcohol. Drinking Around the World was created by park goers and is not officially a Disney-sponsored event.

You can visit the 11 different countries that are at EPCOT®, and you can try a new drink from each country. Just make sure that you set up transportation back to your hotel. You could stay at the popular Bay Lake Tower. As hotel guests, you would be within walking distance of the parks and could walk back home.

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