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The In's and Out's of the Skywalk Boston

Boston is a city rife with storied history and culture. No matter how many years you've lived there or how many times you visit, you'll always find something new to explore. However, if you haven't been to the Prudential Center Skywalk Observatory, mark it on your calendar — you're missing out!

The Skywalk Observatory in Boston offers spectacular views of all of Boston's most notable tourist spots, from Faneuil Hall to Fenway Park. From your vantage point 50 stories off the ground, you can even see New Hampshire on a clear day. Take a peek through one of the many telescopes peppering the deck to get an even more engaging look at the dynamic city. The Observatory is a surefire hit for all ages and is truly an experience to remember.

History of the Prudential Tower

The Prudential Tower is the second tallest building in Boston, dwarfed only by 200 Clarendon Street (formerly known as the John Hancock Building.) Construction on "the Pru" finished in 1964, and it boasts both the Boston Skywalk Observatory and a restaurant on the 52nd floor, Top of the Hub. It currently hosts the highest observation deck open to the public; the upper observation deck on 200 Clarendon Street closed after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

When to Visit the Skywalk in Boston

It goes without saying that a clear day will afford you the best views, but virtually any day without precipitation will give you a stellar birds-eye-view of neighborhoods surrounding the Prudential Center, such as Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and others.

To avoid crowds, visit as early as possible in the morning. Sunset is a popular time, though during the summer months it does get a bit hazy later in the afternoon. The Skywalk Observatory at night is an entirely different experience. High above Beantown's twinkling lights you'll feel like you're in a surreal world, isolated from the rest of Boston and its surrounding areas. Visit the Observatory's website for current hours.

How to Save on Admission to Skywalk Observatory

You can find ticket prices on the Skywalk website, but if you want to save some green, you may want to opt for a Boston CityPASS, which delivers up to a savings on tickets to four of Boston's top attractions. Whether you're a tourist just passing through or a lifelong resident, a Boston CityPASS is a great way to experience the best entertainment this historic city has to offer at a deep discount.

What's Included With Your Ticket to the Skywalk Observatory

As part of the admission price, you'll have the option of taking a virtual tour of Boston, courtesy of the Acoustiguide audio tour handsets on hand at the Observatory. The Acoustiguide's self-guided player walks you through Boston's most iconic sites, all of which can be seen from the top of the Prudential Tower on a clear day.

The Boston Prudential Center also hosts the Dreams of Freedom museum, which is filled with exhibits celebrating the city's incredible diversity. (Did you know over 140 languages are spoken throughout its limits?)

Don't miss the Boston Skywalks' state-of-the-art theater, featuring two continuously running short films: "Wings Over Boston" and "Dreams of Freedom." The former gives you an insider look of Boston while the latter spins a fascinating tale of Boston's history.

Boston Skywalk Observatory Parking

The Observatory is located on the top of the Prudential Center at 800 Boylston Street. The closest non-street parking options are at nearby parking garages, several of which are located within easy walking distance of the Prudential Center.

Boston has many great attractions, but none inspire sheer awe like the breathtaking view from the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower. Next time you find yourself in Boston, do yourself a favor and make time to visit the Boston Skywalk Observatory. It'll give you a whole new perspective.

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Header Image Courtesy of Skywalk Observatory