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3 Reasons To Take a Historic Sightseeing Cruise in Boston

August 18, 2022 By CityPASS

With its iconic brick streets, diehard fans, and historic harbor, Boston is a riveting and unique place to visit. While exploring on foot can be a wonderful way to see the city, don't forget to soak in one of the most attractive and quintessential aspects of the city: the water itself.

It can be hard to decide what you want to do when trying to make the most of your travel time — so why not try something new? Take in the ocean breeze, skyline views, and a variety of iconic historical and contemporary sites on a Boston Harbor City Cruise. Perfect for solo adventurers, couples, or families, the 60-minute, fully-narrated Historic Sightseeing Cruise offers a side of Boston you just can't get on the streets.

What To Expect on a Boston Harbor City Cruise

See Boston by sea, sip your favorite cocktail from one of the open bars, and enjoy the natural splendor of the Harbor Islands for a full hour on a Historic Sightseeing Cruise presented by Boston Harbor City Cruises. With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, you'll be comfortable as you soak in your surroundings.

1. Take in Stunning Panoramic Views of Boston From the Water

From the water, Boston emanates authenticity — the kind of city you'd want to return to over and over again — and the natural shape of the harbor combined with the cruise experience allows you to see the Harbor Islands and skyline from a whole new perspective. Embrace the grit and natural beauty of one of the most influential cities on the East Coast,with 360 degrees of views along with the smell of the sweet summer air.

2. Learn the History of Boston While Passing Historic Sites

  • You'll board the boat on Long Wharf, a site supercharged with history as the landing spot of the first locomotive from England in 1830 as well as Boston's first cargo of bananas in 1871.
  • You've heard of Paul Revere's famous signal, "one if by land, two if by sea," right? You'll get to cruise past the Old North Church, where this famous line originated.
  • You'll get to view the USS Constitution — also known as "Old Ironsides" — at Charlestown Navy Yard and learn about the history of the famous warship.
  • You'll see the structure that once was John Hancock's counting house and what is still the wharf's oldest surviving structure: the Gardiner Building.

Though these sites are visually stunning, they will be brought to life in a whole new way with the informative, animated, one-of-a-kind stories from your onboard narrator.

3. Enjoy a Tasty Dinner Aboard the Vessel

With a full selection of food and beverage available on the cruise vessel, you won't have to worry about finishing your day in the city early or spending your Boston adventuring time sitting in a restaurant. Instead, enjoy a snack or solid meal aboard your cruise.

The Different Types of Boston Harbor City Cruises Available

If you're going to be in Boston for an extended period of time — or just can't wait to come back — why not experience even more of what the harbor has to offer with a New England Aquarium Whale Watch Cruise or a Sunset Cruise? These sightseeing cruises will give you unforgettable city experiences you won't get anywhere else.

  • The New England Aquarium Whale Watch Cruise will take you to Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary in Cape Cod, home to many species of large whales and other marine creatures. Your designated catamarans will take you on a high-speed adventure to seek out the best sightings for several hours, giving you and your family a once-in-a-lifetime, up-close look at these magnificent creatures.
  • Get to know the lesser-known side of Boston Harbor and its lore of past and present on the Sunset Cruise — an entertaining, stunningly beautiful 90-minute tour perfect to end the day with a partner or your friends.

No matter who you're navigating Boston with or how much time you have, there's a Boston Harbor City Cruise to fit your interests and the way you want to explore.

Save on Your Boston Boat Tour With a Ticket Bundle

Did you know that when you explore Boston with CityPASS® tickets, you can save on your admission to a Historic Sightseeing Cruise as well as three other attractions? Instead of spending more to experience less, you can see the best of the city with one simple purchase. Your CityPASS® ticket bundle includes:

Making the most of your time in a city like Boston is important because there's just so much to see and do, and planning days efficiently is key to fully enjoying your trip. When you purchase Boston CityPASS® tickets, you can see the best the city has to offer without spending valuable time researching activities or seeking out multiple tickets. Take the trip on one of the many Boston Harbor cruises at your own leisure.

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