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When is the Best Time to Visit Atlanta and Why

February 27, 2023 By CityPASS

The beautiful city of Atlanta has a wonderful history and a vibrant and lively community. When planning your trip, you might worry about when you should visit Georgia’s largest city and state capital.

Is it better during the summer when it’s warmer, or is it wiser to save money and avoid crowds in the winter? Either way, there will be lots of enticing attractions waiting for you. Keep reading to find out when is the best time to visit Atlanta to make the most out of your trip.

Is There Truly a Perfect Time to Visit Atlanta?

The truth is, any time is the perfect time to visit Atlanta. Atlanta is an ideal spot for a getaway, with tons to do and see no matter when you visit. Throughout the year and in various seasons, there are ample events and attractions to visit.

When to visit Atlanta really depends on what type of experience you're looking to have. For example, you might enjoy the summer months with all the festivals and attractions open for tourists. Alternatively, to save a little money and escape the heat, September is a great time to visit Atlanta. In the spring, airlines and hotels often offer discounts and deals on their prices, so that’s a great time to snap up a bargain, too.

Key Considerations for Deciding When To Visit Atlanta

1. Cold Weather vs Warm Weather Months

May to September is when you will generally experience the summer heat, so expect average temperatures around the mid to upper 80s during the day. Atlanta has a bit of a humid heat too, which can possibly lead to some rain and storms.

Atlanta gets rain year-round, though, so you should expect some weather no matter when you go. December to May are usually the rainiest months, with lots of rain in March. If you want to avoid the rain, a fall visit might be your best bet, especially since it rains a lot in July. It can also drop to freezing temperatures during the day in the winter months. September to November coincides with hurricane season, but you'll get to enjoy comfortable and mild temperatures.

2. Annual Events and Activities

Right at the end of peak season in September is the pinnacle music festival for Atlanta: Music Midtown. This is where you want to be if you love music, with thirty artists across four stages and over a hundred thousand listeners. You might avoid the summer crowds, but just be aware of the rain!

For those of you who love Halloween, go for a visit in October. The Little 5 Points Halloween Parade is one of the top Halloween parades in the country and is perfect for both older people and younger children alike.

If you want to start the summer season in Atlanta, don't forget to visit the Beltline Lantern Parade in May. Join everyone with their homemade lanterns of every shape, size, and color to see the beautiful colors and lights — as many as 10,000 of them. All you need is your own lantern to join in.

Don’t miss the popular Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park and enjoy all its art, food, and music during the Spring.

3. Popular Attractions

Especially if you visit during the summer, either with your friends or children, you might want to get out of the summer heat. The Georgia Aquarium is one of the best places to go since it has over 100,000 sea creatures. That includes whale sharks, albino alligators, and even California sea lions.

There are also ample nightlife attractions, such as the Bar Hop Adventure, Atlanta Comedy Club, and more.

For those of you interested in history or activism, Atlanta is the perfect place to learn more. You can visit the Center for Civil and Human Rights, which includes amazing personal accounts, photos, and interactive experiences that you won’t be able to learn about elsewhere.

4. Hotel Deals and Airline Ticket Prices

It can be expensive to visit Atlanta because it's such a popular city, but if you want to save a little money, the cheapest times for a hotel are from January through April or between August and November. Take note that the absolute cheapest time to visit is in mid-to-late September.

If you travel between May and August, right in the middle of the peak season, hotel prices will end up being a little more expensive.

Flight prices will vary depending on departure city, duration, and time purchase. Still, expect to spend a fair bit for a flight, along with at least $100 per night for lodging.

5. Peak vs Non-Peak Season for Tourists

There is no “best” season to visit Atlanta, but there are peak and non-peak times. During peak travel time in Atlanta, which is May through September, you will generally encounter more outdoor events and other festivals that take advantage of the pleasant weather. Families tend to visit around this time, both because of the events and because the kids are on summer break.

That being said, depending on what you would like to do in the city, the non-peak season is a great time to visit. The weather will still be fairly moderate, not to mention the smaller crowds and cooler temperatures. You might instead prefer the fall — which also happens to be the perfect time to visit the wineries, too.

The Bottom Line: Atlanta Is Incredible Year-Round

With a rich culture, street art, history, and ample food choices, it's no wonder Atlanta residents take so much pride in their city. Ultimately, this vibrant city is incredible all year round, and all months and seasons offer tourists different highlights. No matter which time of the year you visit, you're guaranteed an amazing time enjoying all the city has to offer.

When you travel to Atlanta, don’t forget to use CityPASS® tickets to get the best value on admission to major Atlanta attractions.

Lodging in Atlanta

To get the most out of your stay in Atlanta, we recommend finding lodging near Atlanta's top attractions. Use this map to find the right lodging for you:

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