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Georgia Aquarium Sea Lions: What You Should Know

February 28, 2024 By CityPASS

Georgia Aquarium is a world of wonder for marine animal enthusiasts, and among its most charismatic inhabitants are the sea lions. These amazing animals captivate visitors with their playful antics and impressive abilities. Let's delve into the fascinating world of sea lions, exploring everything from their natural habitats to the enthralling presentations they participate in.

At the Georgia Aquarium, sea lions are no mere spectacle; they are ambassadors for marine conservation. Through its rescue program, the aquarium has become a haven for sea lion pups in need, emphasizing the importance of animal care and environmental stewardship. Visitors have the unique opportunity to observe these funny sea lions up close in the aquarium's thoughtfully designed sea lion facility and during its engaging presentations.

What You Should Know About the Aquarium's California Sea Lions

What Is the California Sea Lion Habitat Like?

The California sea lion's natural habitat can be found along the Pacific coastline, ranging from the cool waters of Prince William Sound in Alaska down to the warmer regions at Mexico's southern tip. They prefer near-shore environments, including sandy beaches, rugged rocky platforms, and coastal outcroppings, and they readily adapt to various man-made structures, too.

The California sea lions at the Georgia Aquarium are housed in state-of-the-art animal habitat spaces that mimic their natural environment. Visitors can observe the sea lions swimming gracefully in large pools and lounging on rocky outcrops, providing a glimpse into their life in the wild.

What Do These Sea Lions Like To Eat?

An integral part of sea lion care at the aquarium is their diet. While California sea lions are notoriously opportunistic feeders, these animals primarily feed on a variety of fish and squid, which the aquarium carefully selects to meet the nutritional needs of their aquatic friends. This diet not only keeps them healthy but also plays a crucial role in their training and enrichment activities. Feeding times often become an engaging spectacle for visitors, showcasing the sea lions' natural hunting behaviors and agility.

How Big Are Sea Lions?

Sea lions are impressive for their size and strength. Females max out at about six and a half feet and just over 200 pounds. Adult males can grow significantly larger than females, often reaching lengths of nearly eight feet and weighing just under 800 pounds. This size difference is one of the many fascinating aspects of these marine animals that visitors can learn about during their visit. It's interesting to note that despite their bulky appearance, sea lions are incredibly agile and graceful, both in water and on land. The size and power of these animals are further highlighted during the live presentations, where their physical capabilities are on full display.

How Do Sea Lions Keep Warm?

Despite their large size and the fact that they live in water, sea lions have adapted remarkably to maintain their body temperature. Their thick, dark brown fur and a layer of blubber help insulate them against colder water temperatures. Visitors can often see them basking in the sun, which is another way they regulate their body heat. This adaptation is vital for their survival in the varying temperatures of their natural ocean habitats. In addition to sunbathing, their ability to control blood flow to their extremities helps them conserve heat in colder waters.

What You Should Expect at the Sea Lion Presentation

The Georgia Aquarium offers interactive sea lion presentations that not only display the incredible teamwork and social nature of these creatures but also emphasize the significance of training in overall animal care at the aquarium. The presentation is included with your admission ticket, but since seating at the Truist Pier 225 Theater is limited, it's essential to make a same-day seat reservation once you're on-site, which you can do at no extra charge.

Sea Lions Working Together With Their Animal Trainers

The sea lion presentation is where these intelligent animals showcase their skills alongside their trainers. These sessions are not only entertaining but also demonstrate the strong bond between the sea lions and their caregivers, highlighting the importance of trust and mutual respect in animal training. The precision and coordination displayed during these sessions reflect the extensive and compassionate training the sea lions receive. It's a heartwarming display that underscores the aquarium's commitment to the well-being and enrichment of these charming marine animals.

An Educational Presentation With Exciting Sea Lion Training

These presentations provide insights into the natural behaviors of sea lions, their intelligence, and the conservation efforts to protect their natural habitat. The trainers expertly weave in fun facts and important conservation messages, making it a learning experience for all ages. Each session serves as a live demonstration of the sea lions' amazing cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills, offering a unique window into the complexities of marine life.

Optional Splash Zones for Those Not Afraid To Get Wet

For those looking for an extra thrill, the sea lion presentation includes optional splash zones. Brave audience members can choose to sit in designated areas where they might get splashed by the playful antics of the sea lions. It's a fun and memorable way to experience these amazing animals up close. These splash zones add an element of excitement and interactivity to the presentation, creating an immersive experience that brings the audience closer to the world of sea lions. Remember to wear something you don't mind getting a bit wet – it's all part of the fun!

Enjoy the Sea Lion Presentation at Georgia Aquarium With Atlanta CityPASS® Tickets

Exploring the wonders of the Georgia Aquarium, including the incredible sea lion exhibits, is an unforgettable experience. And with Atlanta CityPASS® tickets, you can enjoy this adventure at a great value. CityPASS® tickets offer discounted admission to the aquarium and other top attractions in Atlanta, making your visit both memorable and affordable. Don't miss the chance to witness these amazing animals in action and learn about their incredible journey from rescue to rehabilitation.

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