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Food Trucks That Rock: NYC Street Food is on a Roll!

Looking for a quick bite in the Big Apple? Follow that food truck! We’re talking more than hot dogs and souvlaki here. Think Belgian waffles… Maine lobster… artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches, and much much more--perfect for grab-and-go meals enjoyed alfresco. We’ve listed a few standouts below. Be aware that food trucks rarely stay in one place, though, so follow them on Twitter to see where they’ll be next. And expect long lines during the lunch and dinner rush. The wait will be worth it!


Fare: These heavenly hot-off-the iron Belgian waffles can be smothered with toppings (aka dinges) of your choice. Did someone say nutella?

Faves: De Throwdown wafel ($6) will change your life! It’s piled with whipped cream and a yummy cinnamon gingerbready spread called spekuloos. Even Bobby Flay couldn’t duplicate this waffle on his Food Network Throwdown show! Craving more toppings? Add another for $1; or for an additional $2 get every topping on the truck, transforming your treat into a “Wafel of Massive Deliciousness.” Besides nutella, spekuloos and whipped cream, choose from bananas, strawberries, walnuts, maple syrup, dulce de leche, and Belgian chocolate fudge. And you thought waffles were just for breakfast?

Follow: (Watch for tweets promising free stuff when you perform a requested antic while ordering-like hula dancing or singing your favorite Muppet song.)



Fare: Around 8 varieties of gooey chewy grilled cheese sandwiches made on hand-cut bread that’s slathered with butter then flattened to perfection on a Panini press. There are shakes and soups too.

Faves: Traditionalists should go for the Milk Truck Classic ($5.75) with aged Wisconsin Gruyere on Levain Pullman Bread, a country-style white from New York’s famous Balthazar bakery. Want more of a New Yawk deli-style flavor? Try the Classic With a Twist ($6.75): Gruyere on Jewish Rye with mustard and pickled onions.

When one cheese just isn’t enough, triple up with the Three Cheese Grilled Cheese ($7.25): Gruyere, New York State Cheddar and Wisconsin Blue on Blue Ribbon Bakery’s Rosemary Pullman bread, topped with carmelized Granny Smith apples.



Fare: Korean meets Mexican: Top-quality grilled meats and veggies with rice, kimchi and special sauce (mild or hot, your choice) are served in burritos, tacos or bowls. Personalize your pick by choosing from the suggested toppings. Founded by Columbia grad, Edward Song and friends, these guys were featured on the Great Food Truck Race, and word on the street is they’re pretty cute too.

Faves: The Porkinator ($7) combines pulled pork (hormone- and antibiotic-free) with kimchi slaw, salsa, BBQ sauce, Monterey Jack cheese and, if you get it on a burrito, bacon and kimchi fried rice (believe me, you’ll WANT to get it on a burrito). Vegetarians rave about the Tofuture Body Love, with house-made organic tofu, lettuce, cucumber kimchi, and Korilla’s famous sauces and salsas. (If you choose the burrito version, you can get sticky rice too.)



Fare: Fresh-from-Maine lobster. Though pricier than most food trucks (it is lobster, after all), you’ll be in crustacean heaven.

Faves: Lobster rolls are the star here. They come in two distinct styles (each $16): The Maine lobster roll is served cold with mayo; the Connecticut version comes warm on a toasted, buttered bun. The lobster mac & cheese ($10) is deliciously decadent too.



Fare: Delectable little dumplings with Asian dipping sauce make a great mid-day snack. The truck says they’re “totally rad,” and I’d have to agree (though I must admit I’ve rarely met a dumpling I didn’t like). Edamame and side salads are available too, but this place is all about the dumplings!

Faves: They only sell 3 types of dumplings, each one unique. (You get 6 of one kind for $6.) I love the classic Pork & Chinese Chive, served with soy sesame dip, but if you prefer yours spicier order the Chicken & Thai Basil with peanut sauce. My vegetarian friends recommend the Vegetarian Edamame with lemon-sansho dip.



Fare: Homemade cookies, cakes and brownies are baked daily by Kim Ima (who refers to herself as owner/baker/driver/eater) and doled out from her environmentally-friendly silver and red truck named Sugar (awww, how cute is that?). As her tagline says, “Treats are good!”

Faves: I tend toward the classics (most between $1 and $3): the oatmeal old-fashioned cookies never fail to make me feel like kid again. But the cran-almond crispy (a new twist on rice crispy treats) is pretty addictive too!

She has daily specials as well (oh how I love the peanut butter and jelly cake sandwich cookies) and seasonal treats, like macaroons for Passover. A percentage of the profits from daily specials goes toward a rotating list of charities, giving you added incentive to order more treats.



FOR MORE FOOD TRUCKS: Check out the lot at the World Financial Center in the lower Manhattan section of New York City. Also check out this earlier CityPASS post on Mobile Munchies.

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