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City Traveler Blog

Five Things to See in NYC

New York City remains one of the most traveled to destinations in the world, for good reason. Filled with entertaining attractions, historical landmarks, skyscrapers and more, New York is much more than just a melting pot of cultures and exciting adventures. Whether you’re traveling to the city with friends or family, there is certainly a plethora of educational and fun attractions you can cross off the list as you cruise the busy urban streets.

Between hundreds of famous eateries, beautiful scenery and epic people watching, New York’s museums deserve a solid spot on your itinerary. Dive into the deep abyss of history and art as we show you some of the top museums in New York City.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Located on the 1000 block of 5th Ave in the heart of Central Park, The Met is an absolute must-see NYC attraction. Founded in 1870, the museum hoped to establish a library of art, encouraging and developing of all variations of artistic talent. You’’ll surely be in awe of The Met’s collection of over 2 million pieces from around the world by some of the plant’s most inspiring artists. It may be tough to fit the entire museum into one trip, so be sure to spend your time perusing its long halls wisely.

Brooklyn Jazz Hall of Fame and Museum
Situated a few miles outside Manhattan is one of the most interesting attractions in the city. If you’re a fan of Jazz music and want to transform your big city visit into a nostalgic adventure through some old school rhythm and blues, this is the place to be. The Brooklyn Jazz Hall of Fame added a museum component in 2009 to further its mission of providing cultural programs for the masses. You can view exhibits on everything from historical information on Jazz greats to instruments and music that will inspire you to dance your way down the next city block.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Just a few blocks from the madness of Times Square sits one of the most unique museums in the city of New York. MoMA is the leading museum of modern art in the world, featuring artistic traditions that began in the late nineteenth century and continue today. The environment of the museum is suitable for scholars and children alike, with exhibitions ranging from the modern monument to architectural design, landscapes and sculptures. The MoMA displays world famous paintings such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. The allure of these two creations alone may entice you to return for another visit.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
No better place for this center of amazement than the hustle and bustle of Times Square. Located in the heart of New York City sits one of the most unbelievable attractions for toddlers and adults alike. Ripley’s offers over twenty galleries of astonishing artifacts, interactive exhibits, and treasures from all over the globe. Featuring over 500 hundred relics (including a two-headed calf and real shrunken heads!) and dozens of themed galleries, sideshow performances and pure amazement, Ripley’s is certainly the best destination for the peculiar and outrageous.

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History
Located at Central Park West at 79th street sits one of the world’s most educational and inspiring collections of history: the American Museum of Natural History. A great place for adults and children alike, it’s pretty difficult to cover the number of amazing exhibits inside this castle of adventure in one visit. More than 32 million specimens are contained within the museum’s massive 45 halls. You will have the ability to venture through space, explore the depths of the underwater world, and transport back to the prehistoric era all in one (rather long) visit to this interactive and scholastic playground.

Nightclubs, tour buses and central park adventures are all part of the NYC experience, but make time for some of the fun and educational attractions mentioned above, sure to make you appreciate the cultural metropolis that is New York City.

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