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City Traveler Blog

An English Girl's View of New York City

Alex Jackson writes for airport parking company SkyParkSecure and loves to travel. If this British girl had 3 wishes, all three of them would be to go back to New York all over again and enjoy it as much as the first time!

Women all around the world have undoubtedly been drawn to the glamour and ultimate lifestyle that New York City brings to many of our favourite female film characters: the romance between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle, the success of career-driven Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30, the raunchy adventures of Piper Perabo in Coyote Ugly and obviously the alluring lifestyle of the entire Sex and The City cast.

While the impressions of sophistication and elegance we have of New York City are often based on fiction, the real-life experience of being surrounded by world famous attractions is sure to surpass expectations. Crowded by the hoards of suited city-dwellers while departing the underground into Time Square, I was certainly no exception.

Alex Jackson/SkyParkSecure

On my arrival to this incredible city, and despite being an avid film fanatic, nothing could prepare me for the atmosphere and amazing scenes that lay before me. Discovering new things with every glance, huge billboards and bright lights glared at me from every angle. Named the city that never sleeps, I too was determined to adopt this approach so as to not miss one second of what New York had to offer.

Alex Jackson/SkyParkSecure

Although you can experience the immensity of your surroundings wherever you situate yourself, the Empire State Building provided me with views like no other. Taking an elevator 1,050 feet up the second tallest structure in New York, I stepped out onto the observation deck and was presented with a truly breathtaking panorama of the entire cityscape. Having ventured up during the day and night, in my opinion, seeing the city light up for miles in front of a blackened sky was definitely the most magical. I certainly understood why the Empire State Building is such a famously romantic setting and almost found myself wishing that the handsome stranger two people down would take me in his arms right there and then.

Alex Jackson/SkyParkSecure

Back on ground level, my head less in the clouds and venturing towards a less-commercialised New York, I arrived at the entrance to Central Park. Hopping on a horse-drawn carriage made my visit even more perfect as I was pulled through beautiful gardens before exploring what else these rolling landscapes had to offer. A ride on the Friedsam Memorial Carousel took me back to my childhood memories of enjoying an ice cream by the foot of a tranquil lake, and proved a most pleasant way to spend my afternoon.

Alex Jackson/SkyParkSecure

For those who enjoy a more educational trip, Museum Mile, home to many of the best museums in New York, would be a good place to start your day. Offering a diverse range of cultural institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum and the Museum of the City of New York, there is plenty for the enthusiastic culture lover. For those interested in fashion like myself, NYC undoubtedly offers the trendiest visitors a chance to purchase some of the most luxurious products, as well as great souvenirs to remember your trip. I certainly came away with more bags than a working donkey could carry and a small hole in my pocket that day!

Off dry land and only a short, enjoyable ferry ride away is The Statue of Liberty, New York’s most recognizable historic landmark, and a symbol for generations of immigrants seeking a better life in America. Admire the statue from a distance or up close, but however far away you are, you’re sure to get an idea of how devoted this city is and gain an overwhelming sense of grandeur.

Every one of my experiences in this incredible city is exactly why to this day, my ‘I heart NYC’ sweatshirt gets worn religiously, to remind me of my amazing time and cheer me up on the coldest of days!

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