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Solo Travel Tips For When You’re Vacationing Alone

December 22, 2022 By CityPASS

Something that may be on everyone's bucket list is to travel solo at least once. It can be an amazing experience — you might even learn a lot about yourself and how you handle certain situations. Whether you want to try out a Chicago-style hot dog in Chicago or see breathtaking views of California, you can make some long-lasting memories by yourself.

However, nothing is worse than a solo trip gone wrong. Who will help you figure out how to fix it? The best way to avoid problems is to ensure everything is clear and planned out before you go. For your first trip out on your own, read up on some solo travel tips to be safe and how to travel alone.

Must-Know Tips for Solo Travelers

One of the essential tips for traveling alone that will make your life easier is to carry as little as possible. One or two small suitcases should be all you need to move around.

Another critical tip is to let your bank know you will be traveling. If you've ever had your credit card frozen, you know how frustrating it can be. Imagine being a long way from home on your own and having your cards locked up because of "fraudulent activity."

Taking off on your own can be scary at first because of how different it feels compared to traveling with company. Eventually, however, you can have the time of your life. Let us introduce you to some more important tips for solo travel that will help you to be ready for your next trip as a solo traveler.

Do Plenty of Research Ahead of Time

The first step in your liberating adventure is to conduct preliminary research. Something that you may want to consider is a travel companion. While you can hire travel companions, a good place to look is through your circle. Friends and family might have relatives in different states or countries who will be more than willing to let you stay with them for a short period or who will be happy to show you around when you visit.

Some other things you should plan before you go off on your own are:

  • Creating a travel budget
  • Getting travel insurance
  • Booking flights or accommodations in advance to avoid being stranded
  • Picking your destination ahead of time
  • Getting a VPN to protect your identity and finances
  • Attempting to arrive at the airport or bus station early
  • Trying to arrive at your destination during the day
  • Downloading necessary or helpful travel apps and maps
  • Following your gut instincts
  • Telling friends and family where you'll be before and during your trip

Check out travel blogs and read other single travelers' tips and experiences. Remember that even experienced solo travelers were nervous on their first trip. You can really find some helpful travel content online.

Find Sweet Hotel and Travel Deals for Solo Guests

A good hotel is essential, as you want to feel safe while you sleep so you can recharge for the next day. There are hotels that offer little to no single supplement, too. If you are interested in amenities, some hotels offer special extras for solo travelers. Some hotels are adult-only and provide fun events and activities for guests. Some will throw parties for single people to meet each other, especially if you are going to a touristy area or a remote place. Some hotels even offer loaner Kindle devices or phones so you can relax in the sauna and read a good story.

Try New Foods and Drinks

If you go on vacation alone, you won't need the fancy restaurant experience. Instead, try some local street food. You can pick up meals and enjoy culture while you travel. You won't feel awkward dining alone if you eat on the go. If you drink beer or wine, there are often local craft alcoholic drinks to try as well. Stay vigilant and only drink what you were given by the vendor, though, and keep your wits about you.

Sign Up for a Cooking Class, Adventure Tours, and More

A cooking class is one of the best activities to get into on a solo trip. Taking a cooking class on your trip will help you learn more about the culture and local culinary dishes. In addition, you can learn about the regional ingredients. Plus, it's always fun to pick up new cooking skills.

Adventure tours can be enjoyable and safe. Most of the time, you can go with a tour company that offers a knowledgeable guide, or take a cultural walking tour, where you may visit sites only locals know about.

Even at a low price, a hotel isn't for everyone. You can stay in a hostel if you're looking for a cheaper way to travel. In a hostel, you share a room and pay only for your bed. It's like living in a dorm. If you're traveling alone, many people who stay in hostels also travel alone, so you can meet people with similar interests and make friends. You can also find a travel companion in a hostel. Hostels generally offer lockboxes or lockers to store your belongings while you explore.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture and Meet New People

When traveling alone, you can do what you want. With a group, it's different. If you're by yourself, you can choose to talk to anyone you see. You can also decide to have an immersive experience as a local. For example, if you know the language, you could visit a small village and stay around the people there. When you fully immerse yourself in someone's way of life, you feel like you're a part of that place for a little while and have a deeper understanding of their culture. There are also fewer tourist traps in small areas.

Have Back-Up Plans in Case of Bad Weather or Surprise Closings

One of the best solo travel safety tips is that you always need to make backup plans. You want to be ready for an emergency situation. For example, pack an air mattress if your plans change. If your flight is delayed or canceled, you may have to use an emergency fund to stay somewhere in town or buy a new flight.

Make CityPASS® Tickets a Part of Your Solo Travel Experience

Traveling alone can be a tremendously rewarding experience. You can learn about places you have always wanted to visit and make some memories you will treasure for a lifetime. Before you go on your trip, you should check out CityPASS® tickets, which offer discounted admission to many attractions at breathtaking destinations across North America. So, if you plan a trip to one or two major cities, get your CityPASS® tickets and save up to 50% on the top attractions.

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