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6 Things To Do in and Around Dallas' Downtown Historic District

December 20, 2023 By CityPASS

Dallas, Texas, is a metropolis known for its lively culture, impressive skyline, and a rich history that is wonderfully encapsulated in the Dallas Downtown Historic District. As you walk through the streets, every corner unveils a piece of history blended with modern sophistication.

You'll find the heart of Dallas' story in the historic downtown area, a must-visit locale brimming with attractions, food, and culture. Whether you're a history buff, art lover, or a family looking for a day out, there's something in this Dallas district for everyone.

What Makes Dallas' Historic District Special?

The Dallas Downtown Historic District isn't just a window into the city's past — it's a colorful tapestry that shows off its journey through time. Here, century-old architecture stands alongside contemporary art installations, creating a place where every brick and beam has a story to tell. In this district, the city's historical narrative is etched into its streets and structures. It's a blend of old and new, making the historic district a uniquely rich experience.

Our Favorite Things To Do in and Around Dallas' Historic District

When it comes to things to do in downtown Dallas, the historic district shines with a variety of activities that cater to every interest. It's the perfect starting point for anyone looking to dive into what makes Dallas truly special. Let's explore our top seven things to do in or near Dallas' Downtown Historic District.

Enjoy Fun Activities at Klyde Warren Park

Nestled at the heart of the historic district, Klyde Warren Park is a green oasis amid a concrete jungle. This is more than just a park — it's a community hub where visitors can engage in a myriad of activities. Enjoy a midday picnic, partake in a yoga class, or simply bask in the Dallas sun. On weekends, you might stumble upon an outdoor concert or a book signing event. It's a perfect starting point for anyone looking to soak up the downtown Dallas atmosphere.

Discover 360-Degree Views From the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck

For those looking for a great view of the city, the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck is your destination. Towering above the Dallas skyline, it offers a bird's-eye view of historic downtown Dallas and beyond. Step onto the GeO-Deck and see the city from 470 feet in the air. The 360-degree panoramic view will give you a whole new perspective on Dallas.

Eat the International Food at Dallas Farmers Market

Food in downtown Dallas is a scene to be explored, and there's no better place to start than the Dallas Farmers Market. The market is a celebration of Dallas' culinary diversity, featuring local farmers, artisans, and chefs. Stroll through the stalls and sample Texan treats alongside international delights. More than just a spot to eat in downtown Dallas, it's a chance to experience the flavors of the world in one place.

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Just a short drive or Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) ride from the historic district, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is an intellectual playground for all ages. Interactive exhibits covering topics from paleontology to space exploration make learning fun and engaging. The museum's architectural design is as intriguing as its contents, promising a day of discovery and inspiration. This is one of the places to visit in Dallas' downtown that you truly can't miss.

The Impressive Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

A poignant and essential part of the city's cultural landscape, the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum is a powerful testament to human resilience. It's an immersive experience that educates visitors about the Holocaust, human rights, and the moral choices we face in our world today. The museum sits in the West End within Dallas' historic district, making it an indispensable experience for those seeking to connect with humanity's past and present.

The Interactive Dallas Zoo

A mere 10-minute drive from the historic district, the Dallas Zoo awaits with adventures for animal lovers of all ages. As the oldest and largest zoological park in Texas, it houses over 2,000 animals, representing more than 400 species. It's interactive, educational, and fun, offering a unique glimpse into the animal kingdom. Whether you go by car, public transportation, or a bike ride, the Dallas Zoo is a joyous expedition into the wild side of Dallas.

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Dallas CityPASS® tickets get you into the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck. You also get admission to two of the following: the Dallas Zoo, the George W. Bush Presidential Museum, and the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum. With this ticket, you save compared to box office prices.

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