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The Best Way To Travel Post-COVID

July 28, 2022 By CityPASS

With the pandemic (mostly) in the rear view, many people are feeling a strong desire to enjoy some post-COVID travel. This means airports are getting more crowded and flights are going up in price.

Depending on which country — or even state — you go to, your travel experience will vary. However, there are some things travelers can expect no matter where they roam. Read on to find out how to best travel post-COVID.

Travel Post-COVID: What Travelers Can Expect

While many of us are excited to get back out on the road again, it can be a little intimidating to start the planning process. In most places, restrictions have relaxed, but it's still a good idea to be aware of the current rules and regulations before you go.

Keep an eye on the policies for airlines, accommodations, and rental cars, along with the entry procedures for the countries you plan on visiting.

Tips for Those That Still Have a Strong Desire to Travel in a Post-COVID World

With many places opening back up, travelers can enjoy their destination to the fullest — as long as they keep a few things in mind.

Consider Domestic Travel

The best places to travel post-COVID may be within your own country. You'll be more familiar with local COVID restrictions and mandates, and you’ll also be closer to home in case you have to cut your vacation short.

Acting like a tourist in your own country — or even your own city — can be a lot of fun. You can book a hotel you’ve always walked past but never entered, eat at that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, and see popular travel destinations through a different lens.

There are endless ways to make it fun and try something new. Rent a car or van or book a tour. Invite your friends along, wear cheesy t-shirts, and take goofy photos on disposable cameras. Learn and discover something new — even if it's in your own backyard. When it comes to domestic travel, you'll have no long flights, customs lines, or language barriers to overcome.

Check if your local governments or businesses are offering “staycation” deals. In Ontario, Canada, for instance, locals can claim up to 20% of their accommodation expenses when they travel within the province. That's a great deal for local travelers who want to head to a place like Toronto and experience the architecture, history, sports, and nightlife of Canada's largest city.

Be Aware of Travel Restrictions in Place

This should be your first step when dreaming up a travel plan. Read over a country's official website or check the website of the embassy of your desired travel country to make sure you have the most up-to-date information regarding travel restrictions.

And it's a good idea to double-check your destination's policies closer to your departure date so you're aware of any recent changes.

Take a COVID-19 Test Prior to Embarking

Many countries still require travelers to have a negative COVID test before crossing their border. While PCR COVID tests tend to be more accurate than rapid ones. Still, a rapid test is usually a good indicator of whether or not you have COVID.

Time your test for at most three days before your departure, but be aware that some countries require you to test the day before you arrive in the country. Always make sure to double-check these guidelines by visiting the official website of the country you're going to or by checking trusted local news sources.

Plan For There To Be a Surge in Travel and Higher Demand in the Travel Industry

The demand for travel has arguably never been higher. Prices for nearly everything are going up around the world, including flights, hotels, and car rentals.

If your schedule allows, you may want to wait out the peak travel times over the summer and look to book a flight and accommodation in the fall or winter. It’s a good idea to research the place you want to visit and figure out the least popular time you can reasonably swing a trip.

Traveling during off-peak seasons means fewer crowds everywhere you go and likely much lower prices. It can be tempting to travel when the weather is at its finest. But if you can book a trip at a time when fewer people are there, you might have a less stressful experience with shorter wait times and more affordable options.

Travel the Right Way and Don't Miss Out on Adventure

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