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Coffee Tour of Seattle

When you’re planning your travels to the great Northwest and Seattle finds its way onto your itinerary, remember that the Emerald City is known for far more than overcast days. It’s a central location for one of our favorite morning beverages: that perfectly brewed blend, warm to the touch and easily customizable, serving as the caffeinated spark to your daily hustle – coffee.

The capital of Washington state is the world center for coffee roasting. The city streets are permeated with the aromas of wonderfully cultured beans from all over the world. Park yourself at one of the city’s many coffee houses and you’ll be surrounded by enthusiasts dissecting their unique cup of Joe. Seattle consumes more coffee than any other American city, and for good reason. Independently owned roasters line city corners, and every urban avenue boasts a different taste. Coffee and The Rain City are synonymous with each other, so when you’re looking for things to do in Seattle, we have a few java-centric ideas for you.

Victrola Coffee Roasters

With multiple locations in Seattle, Victrola has been a long-time local favorite for various reasons, the most obvious being their high quality coffee. Victrola’s farm-direct connection allows them to roast some of the best beans on the planet. The Victrola cafés sprinkled throughout Seattle offer a wealth of familiar-yet-slightly-different places to try new roasts, enjoy a book and listen to relaxing tunes.

Slate Coffee Bar

Featuring some of the city’s most esteemed baristas, Slate brings an elegant twist to a traditional cup of coffee. Fairly new to the seasoned coffee scene of Seattle, this coffee bar serves high quality roasts from a number of countries, with the goal of providing the most unique flavors through a philosophy known as exposure roasting. By perfectly highlighting each blend’s unique characteristics, Slate Coffee Bar mixes science and innovation to create fresh blends of goodness.

Seattle Coffee Works

Located just up the street from the acclaimed Pike Place Market, Seattle Coffee Works provides a special experience with their tasting room and roaster. Catering to your every need, Sebastian and his team split their coffee-quarters into two separate sections; the “express bar,” for those seeking a grab-and-go beverage, and the aptly named “slow bar,” for those looking to enjoy a relaxed cup while getting geeky with the baristas.


If you’re looking for something cold and caffeinated, Analog is Capitol Hill’s go-to café. Known for their cold brew coffee and plethora of vintage magazines and comics, Analog is the perfect place to spend a rainy day. The interior of the coffee shop offers a vintage nautical feel, while the aroma of Herkimer beans makes this spot a must-stop on your Seattle coffee tour.

Espresso Vivace

First located in the Capitol Hill section of the Emerald City, Espresso Vivace is locally and nationally known as the establishment that brought espresso to the next level. Owned and operated by coffee prophet David Schomer, Espresso Vivace offers some of the finest blends and beverages in the city and serves as a staple in the Seattle coffee scene.

No matter what the weather brings, Seattle’s attractions make the metropolis a wonderful city to visit. When your appetite calls for an enjoyable sip of mojo in a cup, our Seattle coffee tour will hit the spot!

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