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Beam Me Up for Brunch

My niece Madison wanted to do something special to celebrate her 13th birthday … and brunch aboard a spaceship sounded like just the ticket. The spaceship in question was SkyCity, the slowly revolving, UFO-shaped restaurant at the top of Seattle’s futuristic Space Needle. Moving at an almost imperceptible .06 miles per hour, the restaurant provides diners with a progressive view that slowly slips from the mansions of Queen Anne Hill to downtown Seattle’s skyscrapers to the busy Elliott Bay waterfront … and then back again.

According to our server, it would take 47 minutes for our table to make a full 360-degree orbit. Needless to say, the kids — my niece and her 10-year-old brother, Riley — immediately began timing our circuit. Even more fun for the kids, however, was the fact that notes from other diners began arriving courtesy of the window ledge. (Although the restaurant revolves, the windows and sills don’t, so be careful not to set your cell phone or wallet on them while you dine.)

The first note was from Adrian, who hailed from British Columbia, and who asked other diners where they lived. We jotted down our first names and hometown and then placed the note back on the window ledge, where it slowly slid out of sight. If Adrian was lucky, his note would return in 47 minutes with hellos from dozens of other diners. A terrific souvenir. Adrian’s note was followed by similar missives from diners visiting from the U.K., New York and Idaho. The kids had a ball reading the notes and adding comments to them.

Since brunch — which was incredibly tasty — was served at a relaxed pace, our table actually made two full revolutions during our meal. But we still made time to hang out for a while on the observation deck. And from there we spotted our next stop with the kids: Experience Music Project.

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