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Outdoor Activities in San Francisco

With summer slowly coming to an end, no matter where you’re located in the country, spending time outdoors is an absolute must. From the beach to the mountains to its eclectic city streets, San Francisco is known for its comfortable climate, making it the perfect place to take in the wonderful sights and sounds of Northern California.

Whether you’ve frequented The City by the Bay or it’s your first trip to this seaside metropolis, there’s no shortage of attractions and outdoor activities for all ages. If the kids are lucky enough to tag along for one more weekend adventure before they hit the books, they’ll be thrilled with all of the exciting things to do in San Francisco. Kids or no kids, the eccentric streets and scenic suburbs of the Fog City make for some excellent outdoor adventuring. CityPASS is dedicated to serving you the most enjoyable experiences on your time out of the office, so take a look at some of our favorite outdoor activities in San Francisco.

Cable Car Tour of the City

When the sun is shining and you’re interested in seeing San Francisco from top to bottom, there is no better way to travel the city streets than via cable car. Just a few dollars will buy you various rides throughout the city, giving you a glimpse of a time before buses and cars were available for urban transportation. Taking one of the many cable car tours will allow you to the see everything from the city’s hills to bustling areas of Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf and various other districts and neighborhoods that make San Francisco so special.

Travel North to Muir Woods

Although this outdoor activity is nestled about 12 miles north of San Francisco, it is highly recommended for all adventure enthusiasts. Muir Woods is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and provides a scenic and forested park with magnificent redwood trees, extensive hiking trails and magical tree-lined hikes for those looking to take in the sights of Northern California’s most idyllic outdoor cathedral. The national park extends 554 acres, 240 of which is an old-growth coastal redwood forest that remains one of the most special areas within the park. Be sure to follow the map and ask the visitor center for hiking recommendations to avoid getting lost amidst the shadows of the historic redwoods.

Ocean Beach

Get some sand in your shoes by taking a short drive just outside the city to the quaint seaside town of Ocean Beach. The perfect place for surfers, skaters and beach-goers alike, Ocean Beach provides an excellent place to kick back, set up a picnic and take in the Northern California beach scene. Whether you’re looking to take a dip in the ocean, catch a wave or just take a stroll, Ocean Beach is the perfect escape from the more tourist-heavy attractions in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Park

Escape the city’s lively urban core by taking a day trip to Golden Gate Park, one of the largest man-made parks in the world. San Francisco’s most extensive park includes 1,017 acres of public grounds and was created to mirror Central Park in New York City. The park is over three miles long and features various museums, gardens, conservatories and arboretums for your viewing pleasure. If the Northern California sun is shining, Golden Gate Park is the absolute best way to exercise your way around one of the most visually pleasing outdoor establishments in the world.

When life hands you the opportunity to explore the wonderful city of San Francisco, these outdoor activities will ensure that you soak in the Northern California vibes. In addition to exploring all the outdoors has to offer, make sure to check out some of the other attractions in San Francisco offered by CityPASS.

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