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The Best BBQ In Atlanta

What makes our country so unique is that we have 50 unique puzzle pieces that fit together to create one gigantic melting pot of flavors, cultures and deep history. When it comes to traveling throughout our country’s vast landscapes, hidden deserts and elevated mountaintops, every region within the continental United States is known for something. Whether it’s cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, deep dish pizza in Chicago or clam chowder in New England, each direction on America’s compass has a unique expose of flavors to please the palate.

When it comes to the southeastern region of our nation, there are plenty of attractions that come to mind, but today were focused on your appetite. There’s no better place to dive into some barbeque then Georgia’s own capital, Atlanta. As you head down the eastern seaboard you’ll notice the smell of charcoal and pit beef among additional lip-licking aromas, but don’t be alarmed, CityPASS is here to point you in the right direction so that when you leave The Big Peach your stomach is satisfied.

Grand Champion BBQ

Located in the Roswell section of the city at 4401 Shallowford Rd, this barbeque joint is known for far more than its sweet and savory set of ribs. Grand Champion BBQ is headed up by long-time aficionado Robert Owens who learned the tricks of the trade at various other establishments around town before opening his own slice of heaven in 2011. Known for its straight-forward menu, the BBQ masters behind the grill use a special smoker called the Southern Pride SPK 500 to cook up some of the tastiest hickory smoked meats in town. Feeling overwhelmed by the ribs? Be sure to save room for Grand Champions home-made pies made in a variety of flavors.

Community Q BBQ

Straight from two native sources, Atlanta local Dave Roberts and partner opened up Community Q, located in Decatur at 1361 Clairmont Road in 2009 to bring people of ATL a place where eating out feels more like dining in. Known for its inviting décor and welcoming feel, the Community Q specializes in Roberts’s infamous mac and cheese recipe, a plate stacked to the ceiling with rigatoni, cheddar, Monterey Jack, Parmesan and heavy cream baked up to ooey-gooey perfection. Couple your dreamy plate of mac and cheese with Community Q’s favorite pulled pork or spare ribs to get the complete experience.

Heirloom Market BBQ

Adding its own unique take on southern barbeque, locals say that Heirloom Market BBQ, located at 2242 Akers Mill Rd in Atlanta is a must-try for all visiting tourists looking to spice it up and sample some truly awesome fusion cuisine. Heirloom is the offspring of Jiyeon Lee and Cody Taylor who hail respectively from Tennessee and South Korea. Add the unique flavors of these two regions together plus the culinary expertise of a couple barbeque die-hards and you have a place where palates tend to explode in the best of ways. Heirloom throws their special spin on barbeque by taking locally cured meats and pairing them with Korean flavors and marinades to create notorious combinations such as the piled pork sandwich crowned with kimchi coleslaw, black sesame seeds, sliced scallions and hickory goodness. Thinking about skipping out on Heirloom? We say, “think again!”

Fox Bros. BBQ

What’s better than a duo of brothers teaming together to create barbeque excellence? Well only the southern-influenced brisket and pork dishes served at their establishment on the daily. Located at 1231 Dekalb Avenue just northeast of the city, Fox Bros BBQ throws together some very interesting creations to keep customers coming back. One dish that has proven to be consistently popular is the Lopez; a mound of tater tots and brisket chili clumped in a gooey work of art topped with a generous blanket of cheddar cheese. Locals recommend purchasing a bottle of the Fox Bros. barbeque sauce on the way out, so you can take a little bit of Atlanta with you wherever you go.

Sure, there are plenty of exciting attractions in Atlanta but when it comes to eating your way around the city we’re positive that a few of the aforementioned barbeque joints will leave you meat-lovers in a charcoaled coma.

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