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Spring Inspires Travel

You don’t need Wordsworth or Robert Frost to wax poetic about spring. Every living thing has the ache this time of year. Just as tulip and daffodil bulbs must yearn for the end of winter, so do we all want what we have not had for months.

It’s all about mixing it up. Those who live in the mountains want to see ocean, and those who live near the beach want the novelty of snow-covered hills in March. Spring means a different pair of shoes after a season of wool socks. Boots give way to flip-flops, and the changes continue until we look different from ankle to ear.

And while the cure for spring fever begins with a wardrobe change, no one can fully recover until they take a trip. It doesn’t matter where you go. The only requisite is that you see something different from your own back yard.

Spring break is a time to take the kids east for cherry blossoms; it’s an opportunity to head west in order to turn back the calendar and watch another time zone thaw back into life with the mint green that means summer is on its way.

If you live north, go south. If you’re at altitude, head for sea level.

Just go.

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