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Romantic Activities for Couples in Seattle

Space NeedleSpace Needle at Sunset

Trying to find the perfect romantic getaway, packed with heart-throbbing dates sure to sweep your significant other off of their feet? Love is in the air of Seattle, hanging on the gray clouds enveloping the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, and trickling down below into the city. Fuel the fire of romance with these great Seattle attractions that are sure to heighten the attraction between you and your date.

The Space Needle: A Date in the Sky

Take your relationship to new heights at the famous Seattle Space Needle. It’s the perfect place to see the entire city, 520 feet high in the sky. A 360-degree view of picturesque Seattle is sure to impress any date, and it’s a good place to start when planning your romantic itinerary; you can see everything from up there!

Get a glimpse into Seattle’s history and most famous sights with advanced interactive technology. The Space Needle is one of many romantic dates in Seattle, especially for the sightseeing, outdoorsy kind of couple. Get a closer look with a cutting edge Swarovski telescope, and enjoy the fresh perspective.

With Seattle CityPASS, you can take your date to the Space Needle twice within 24 hours. Begin your day with crisp Seattle air by heading to the Space Needle early in the morning, and end it with a breathtaking sunset like you’ve never seen before. Enjoy a locally flavored lunch at SkyCity restaurant and get a unique, panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, misty bays, and the Emerald City as you dine in the sky.

Dinner by Candlelight at Il Bistro

Nothing says romance like a candlelit dinner for two. While Seattle is known for its breathtaking skylight views, Il Bistro’s underground setting allows the focus to be on your date, sans distractions. This dimly-lit taste of Italy is consistently voted among the most romantic dining locales in the Emerald City.

Tucked away beneath the Pike Place Market, Il Bistro serves sumptuous Italian food. Their wine selection is ample, and they serves Happy Hour Crostinis – a palate-pleasing appetizer. Pasta and seafood, such as fresh mussels and calamari, are another Il Bistro staple. Choose from their selection of authentic Italian desserts to cap off your meal. Il Bistro also has a late-night menu for those lovebirds that enjoy an after-hours bite to eat.

Argosy CruisesTake an Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour

Hop on the Love Boat with Argosy Cruises

The Argosy Cruises harbor tour is one of many romantic dates in Seattle. Find a seat on the right side of the boat facing the front to get the best views. It’ll give you the perfect excuse to cuddle up next to your sweetheart! The Cascade and Olympian snowy mountains make a serene backdrop for an entertaining and informative Seattle Harbor tour.

The magnificent Alki Beach starkly contrasts the great heights of the Space Needle. Gaze at the sky above and see just how high you were. Watch the container ships as they tread the waters. They look like cubed collages floating in the distance.

Rock the Night Away at EMP Museum

Experience pop culture at its finest. An interactive journey into the world of music, literature, video games, film, and even television, EMP Museum is full of fun and exciting Seattle activities perfect for the cultured couple.

Go back in time to the most thrilling moments in rock n’ roll history. Watch music performances and light shows in Sky Church, complete with a 60’ HD LED screen that’ll take you back in time.

Impress your significant other with a rocked out recording in the Sound Lab. Whether you’re playing your heart out on a guitar or serenading your girlfriend in a soundproof room, the Sound Lab transforms any date into a self-made concert!

Complete the exciting date in the Guitar Gallery: The Quest for Volume, where 55 vintage guitars dating from the 1770’s until now are on view.

Silver Screen Sweethearts See “The Big Picture”

Perfect your “yawn, stretch, and put your arm around your date” move and see a movie in style at Seattle’s Big Picture theatre. Voted one of the Top 20 Movie Theatres in the World by Men’s Journal, not only does the Big Picture show movies on its glorious big screen, it also plays host to a bar and lounge where you can enjoy a drink before the movie starts.

If you’re enjoying the film and need something to go with the theatre’s gourmet truffle popcorn or white cheddar popcorn, servers will bring a hand-crafted beverage of your choice to you in your seat.

Whether you’re heading to the top of the Seattle Space Needle, or cruising down below on the Argosy Cruise harbor tour, don’t forget your Seattle CityPASS: the ultimate romantic package deal.

Boston vs New York: How Does Each City Stack Up?

New York City and Boston are situated on the Eastern seaboard and attract millions of tourists from around the world each year. Boston’s Colonial roots mark it as the “Cradle of Liberty,” while New York City’s Statue of Liberty was the first sight many immigrants saw as their ships sailed toward Ellis Island.

But, that’s where the similarities end and the delightful differences begin. Boston views itself through the lens of blue-collar pride; it’s a collegial, down-to-earth destination that never takes itself too seriously. New York, on the other hand, prides itself on being a busy, bustling hub of culture and arts running over with sophistication.

While New Yorkers revel in moving forward at a faster pace, Boston natives enjoy the quaint charm of their city — they don’t call Boston “The Walking City” for nothing.

CityPASS recently conducted a poll among prominent writers in New York City and Boston, seeking to get their impressions on these two great cities, as well as the best of what these destinations have to offer to tourists and locals alike. Let's take a tour of the results, shall we?

How Cities Describe Themselves and Each Other



Both New York and Boston are known for teams with rowdy reputations and equally rambunctious fans who get into the game as much as the players.

The Bostonians and New Yorkers we polled almost unanimously agree that MLB player Derek Jeter is the most famous athlete from NYC. While both cities’ sports fans can agree that Jeter is renowned and beloved, 63% of Boston fans are quick to say that Jeter’s Yankee bullpen mate, Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez is the most loathed athlete to play in New York.

Roughly 36% of Boston bloggers polled said that the Red Sox's David “Big Papi” Ortiz was the most recognized Boston athlete. Conversely, 50% of New York bloggers polled said that Ortiz was also the most disliked athlete from Boston. You can’t win ‘em all!

Speaking of wins... How do Boston and New York stack up in terms of their respective teams putting up the numbers?

Boston has a history of excellence among its sports teams, packing a total of 36 wins in Beantown’s collective trophy case. The Boston Celtics lead the pack with 17 NBA titles to their credit. The wins stretch from 1956 through the Larry Bird-led dynasty of the 1980s to the new millennium.

There’s a competitiveness among New York City sports teams that often splits residents’ loyalties straight down the middle. NYC has not one but TWO teams in each of the major leagues and 50 sports championship titles in the record books. The Yankees are responsible for 27 of those titles. On the flipside, the NY Mets, the city’s other Major League Baseball team (with no less of a loyal following of its own), have scored two World Series titles.

Boston vs New York Sports



There are more than 1,825 taxi medallions in Boston, and its 6,000 licensed cab drivers clock an average 60,000 miles per year -- the equivalent of traveling around the world 2.4 times.

In terms of public transportation, Boston has over 4.5 million weekly riders on its transit system and a staggering 237 million riders each year.

There’s a lot of turf to cover in Boston, but “The Walking City” has only a fraction of the volume of transportation that New York sees. NYC has more than 10 times the number of taxi medallions and drivers as Boston, with 13,437 medallions and 50,000 drivers crisscrossing the streets of the five boroughs. Each NYC taxi driver travels and average 70,000 miles per year — a bit more than the Boston drivers’ 60,000-mile average.

Beneath the city streets, New York has 842 miles of subway track that carry 11.2 million riders to their destinations each week. Annually, New York’s subway system has a staggering ridership of over 1.7 billion -- that's more than three times the actual population of the United States!

Boston vs New York Transportation



The Cradle of Liberty attracts over 19 million tourists each year, clamoring for Boston’s unique mix of rabble-rousing history and present-day salt-of-the-earth atmosphere. Standing as “Boston strong” examples of both, more than 27% of those polled recommended historic Faneuil Hall and MLB stadium Fenway Park as the top attractions for tourists to see. Fenway Park takes the lead as a beloved Boston must-see, according to several blogs, including Wicked Cheap Boston and Notes On Lifestyle By Georgina.

Boston is also home to a number of intriguing museums. Although the Museum of Science is viewed as a must-visit, so is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Leigh Harrington of WhereTraveler.com recommends this off-the-radar museum, which houses a collection of international art curated by its philanthropist namesake. Definitely worth a trip!

Writer Maria Lisella refers to New York City as a “Modern day Rome.” Like the ancient city, this modern metropolis has no shortage of sights to see, either. Among the bloggers we polled, Angela of the New York-Boston food blog Foodies At Work insisted that visitors take a gander at the Gotham skyline from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at midtown Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center. Author and journalist Jeryl Brunner recommends catching a show on Broadway or seeing a live performance at Lincoln Center. Times Square, the site where many folks choose to ring in the New Year, is another popular destination for tourists.

Boston vs New York Travel



Barring its penchant for baked beans, Boston is known for some of the best seafood in the United States. One of its signature dishes is the lobster roll, a split bun filled with lobster meat soaked in butter. New England Clam Chowder is a creamy local delicacy tourists should try in its native setting.

As for dining establishments that offer a slice of Boston to savor, locals recommend stopping by such hidden gems as Sam LaGrassa’s sandwich bar (thanks for the heads up thebostonattitude.com) and Eastern Standard Kitchen. Bostonians also suggest tourists throw back a beer or two at one of its famous sports bars, such as Cheers (yes, the one from the TV show) and The Fours (here's lookin' at you Jogging Concierge).

In terms of food favorites, pizza is the lifeblood of New York City. It’s no use asking “Which is the best pizza joint in NYC?” because, depending on which borough you're in and which corner you’re on, you’ll get no less than 10 different answers.

While it may not have the fishing community that Boston has, New Yorkers still love their seafood, too. In addition to trying out some Manhattan Clam Chowder (the red kind), visitors to the city may want to enjoy fresh oysters at Tracks Raw Bar in Penn Station, as recommended by Sean of MurphGuide.com. In a city so big, it's hard to go wrong.

Boston vs New York Food


So, what’s your style? Are you drawn to the nonstop, 24/7 energy of sophisticated New York, or do you prefer the smaller, walkable style of historic Boston?

Here's our full graphic showing some of the more interesting stats for each city. Which is your favorite to visit and why? Share your thoughts and comments below. And if you enjoyed this graphic, feel free to share it on your blog or website.

Boston vs New York

Hidden Gems Around North America: Let CityPASS Take You There

For adventure junkies and treasure hunters alike, the time has come to embark on the ultimate quest. Whether you're a curious parent or a retiree looking for adventure, CityPASS attractions offer many exciting gems. From Atlanta to Toronto, every city has attractions full of hidden wonders and worthwhile treasures. Explore North America's secrets and find your inner pirate.

Helmet WallThe Helmet Wall

The Helmet Wall at Atlanta's College Football Hall of Fame

Any die-hard football fanatic will have to put this gem on their "must-see" list. Visitors can customize their adventure at this ultimate interactive experience with their favorite college football team! RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is ingrained in your ticket; when you enter the building, you'll be welcomed with huge screens displaying realistic images and sounds of your team.

But, the most amazing treasure to be found is the wondrous, luminous Helmet Wall. A three-story jaw-dropper, this wall is covered in helmets of college football teams. How do you know which helmet belongs to your favorite team? Well, with RFID, your team's helmet will light up so you can spot it right away. Atlanta's College Football Hall of Fame, which opened in 2014, is a futuristic take on traditional fandom that you'll have to see to believe.

Chicago's Field Museum’s “Inside Ancient Egypt” Exhibit

Founded in 1893, The Field Museum is a world-famous attraction that continues to thrive thanks to the support of the community. Most famous for Sue, the most complete and well-preserved T-Rex fossil ever unearthed, The Field Museum has many gems waiting to be discovered.

One of the most exciting is the "Inside Ancient Egypt" exhibit. This wonderful exhibit holds one of the largest collections of mummies in the entire nation. A three-story mastaba contains two rooms of Unis-Ankh, the son of a Pharaoh. It's a 5,000 year old tomb! Along with the Book of the Dead, the mummified dead, and even a bronze sculpture of a cat goddess Bastet (believed to contain a mummified cat), there is an ancient Egyptian marketplace to explore. Jewelry, ceramics, and artifacts represent everyday Egyptian life, before they were wrapped up in death. Discover the ways of the Ancient Egyptians, and if you get scared, call your mummy.

Topiary Animals at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

A 66-acre paradise featuring 19 pristine gardens is home to a wonderful collection of flowers and plants alike! The seasonal festivities and children's adventure gardens are entertainment enough, but an even greater treasure hunt awaits…the hidden topiary miracles scattered throughout the garden!

Beautiful yellow and purple pansies make the tail of a giant green peacock. Poised and statuesque horses sculpted from foliage protect the garden with silent neighs. A topiary version of Ferdinand the Bull from the famous children's book "The Story of Ferdinand" brings a lovable character to life with the help of artistic gardening. Visit the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden and prepare for your breath to be taken away.

Eskimo and Inuit Art at the San Francisco De Young Museum

If you think of yourself as being 'cultured,' take a trip to the De Young Museum in San Francisco and discover both ancient and modern art of various cultures throughout the world. “Yua, Spirit of the Arctic: Eskimo and Inuit Art from the Collection of Thomas G. Fowler” is a treasure that cannot be overlooked.

In Eskimo/Inuit culture, it's a common belief that everything on Earth, from animals to inanimate objects, carries a soul that must be honored. This installation includes nearly 100 objects ranging from 300 B.C. to the contemporary era. Anything from charms, kayak models, dolls, and stone sculptures made with whalebone and ivory, are available to gawk at in the De Young Museum.

Casa Loma Conservatory

The Winding Tunnels and Corridors of Toronto's Casa Loma

Travel back in time and head to Toronto's famous historical attraction, Casa Loma, the only castle in North America, and a grand one at that. Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, a Canadian financer who at one time controlled 25% of Canada's economy, spent over a million dollars on this luxurious home.

Explore 180,000 square feet worth of rooms filled with expensive furniture, a secret staircase, and an underground, only a few of the wonderful adventures waiting at Casa Loma. What's at the end of the tunnel? You'll have to find out for yourself. Don't get lost!

Rare Pygmy Hippos at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

The #1 Zoo for Kids in the United States is home to more than 1000 animals on 60 fun-filled acres! A cute and rare treasure to be seen is the Pigmy hippo. Native to West Africa, the pygmy hippo is the hippo's smaller cousin. Zuri, the baby girl, is one of 30 pygmy hippos in captivity in North America. It's estimated that there are only 3000 in the wild. Come see a rare gem sparkle with all her cuteness at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.

Dallas joins CityPASS for big-time fun

You don’t need big dollars to tackle the Big D, not with CityPASS on your team. Dallas is the latest addition to the CityPASS family, which gives ticket holders discounted, front-line access to many of the city’s must-see destinations. read more »

Animal All-Stars: Where to Go to See Famous Zoo and Aquarium Residents in the U.S.

Animal All-Stars From the Dallas Zoo's Golden Girl Elephants to Myrtle the Green Sea Turtle in Boston's New England Zoo, there are plenty of celebrities you can see without getting pummeled by security or pushed down by other "number one fans." Get to know some of the most famous finned and four-legged residents of various zoos and aquariums throughout the U.S. Let's take a sneak peek into the lives of some of America's wilder stars. read more »


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