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The Best Coffee Shops Near Seattle Attractions

For many early risers, a cup of coffee (or two or three) is needed to kick-start the day. When the world needs to wake up and smell the best coffee, it heads to Seattle, the world's coffee culture mecca. Both the café curious and the coffee enthusiasts can satisfy their taste buds when immersed in Washington's coffee city. But with so many shops to choose from, how does one differentiate the best coffee shops in Seattle from the rest?

With a Seattle CityPASS, visitors get to enjoy the best attractions the city has to offer. Conveniently, some of Seattle’s best coffee is located right next to the best things to do in Seattle, leaving more time for exploring the sights. There is simply no way to lose steam in the beautiful Emerald City, so long as you’re filling your energy tank with these top coffee spots in Seattle.

Caffe Ladro

Caffe Ladro has established itself as a Seattle chainlet favorite. Looking for great coffee near the Space Needle and the EMP Museum? With one of its locations just minutes away, Caffe Ladro's high-quality, sustainable-source beans will give coffee lovers the great tasting beverage of their dreams. The original Queen Anne location offers visitors an authentic, warming café experience. Sip on one of the many delectable roasts and enjoy the freshly baked pastries that will make you feel comfy and cozy inside the café on an overcast day. Caffe Ladro is definitely a must on the coffee bucket list, making it the perfect choice when working on your attraction bucket list.

Storyville Coffee Pike Place

The Seattle Aquarium is brimming with magnificent sea creatures from the deep blue, making it a draw for people of all ages. Before you dive into fun, stop by Storyville Coffee for cozy fires and buzzing energy that make any French press or macchiato all the more enjoyable. Revel in the excitement of Pike Place and enjoy the wonderful taste of breakfast essentials, which consist of not only quality-sourced roasts but tantalizing breakfast foods as well. Then head into the cool aquarium warmed from the inside.

Cherry Street Coffee House on 1st Avenue

If you have eclectic tastes and are in the mood for food, head over to Cherry Street Coffee House on 1st Avenue for memorable coffee with a Middle-Eastern flair. Cherry Street Coffee House is a charming little shop that will steal your heart with its delectable dishes and unique vibes. Cherry Street Coffee is only four minutes away from the Argosy Cruises docks, so enjoy a hot coffee before you see the breathtaking view of the Olympic mountain ranges and city skyline from an Argosy cruise boat. Whether you’re stopping in for espresso, a latte, or even a falafel salad, you’ll leave Cherry Street with a smile on your face.

Lighthouse Roasters

Less than ten minutes away from the Woodland Park Zoo, Lighthouse Roasters prides itself on its tasty blends and beans that have both the farmers' and the customers' best interests in mind. Lighthouse has created a community of coffee lovers near and far, inviting all roast fans in for a unique and flavorful blend that satisfies all coffee cravings. Lighthouse Roasters is a big proponent of local art, often showcasing the work of Seattle’s most talented. Stop by this friendly and welcoming shop before a busy day watching animals and learning about conservation.

La Marzocco Cafe & Showroom

At the center of Seattle’s most beloved attractions, including Chihuly Garden and Glass, Pacific Science Center, Space Needle, and EMP Museum, lies La Marzocco Cafe & Showroom, where class, culture, and coffee meet in a trifecta of unique Seattle flavor. World-renowned roasters come to the café on monthly rotation to craft the café’s specialty coffee, so every visit is a unique and tasty experience. The company has been the leader in espresso machinery innovation since the early 20th century, and their superb coffee is a testament to their longstanding success. Don’t miss out on some of the best coffee in Seattle!

No trip to Seattle is complete without seeing some of its most famous attractions and enjoying a taste of its world-renowned coffee, experienced the way it's meant to be: savored sip by sip at a Seattle coffee house before taking in all the Emerald City has to offer!

An Insider's Look at The Met

With over 2 million square feet to explore, 5,000 years of art and 17 curatorial departments with over 2 million works, there’s a lot to see at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Whether it’s the first time visiting or you are a local, you won’t run out of things to see anytime soon, but knowing where to start can be daunting. We asked Met insider Haley Ward for some highlights, tips and surprises at the iconic museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art / David H. Koch Plaza / (c) The Metropolitan Museum of Art

What do you think would surprise people about The Met? Some people are surprised to find out that The Met is the most visited attraction in New York City. In 2015, we welcomed a record 6.5 million visitors. Tourists and locals alike enjoy visiting The Met.

The Arms and Armor Department was created within the museum in 1912.

Most underrated exhibit? We have an excellent Arms & Armor collection that is sometimes missed. We have armor from around the world, including one of Henry VIII’s suits from England. This is a great gallery to visit with kids.

The Astor Chinese Garden Court at The Met.

Best kept secret? The Astor Chinese Garden Court, our indoor Chinese garden court in the style of the Ming dynasty. You can find live coy fish in the pond here.

If you’re in a hurry, where should you beeline it to? You can’t miss The Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing. This full-size Egyptian temple was given to the United States government in 1965 by the Egyptian government and eventually found a home at The Met in 1967.

The Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing. Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

If you have all day, what are your top things to see and where can you linger? With over 2 million square feet, you will never run out of things to see at The Met and there are surprises around every corner. We have 17 curatorial departments, including European paintings and sculptures, medieval art, Islamic art, and so many more. The Met also has over 40 exhibitions every year, including our extremely popular Costume Institute exhibitions and our annual Roof Garden Commission during the summer.

Installation view of The Roof Garden Commission: Cornelia Parker, Transitional Object (PsychoBar) at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2016. Photographed by Alex Fradkin.

Are there any reactions you’ve heard from guests that have really caught your attention or surprised you? One of my favorite moments at The Met was when I saw a school group of 4-5 year olds walk into our Monet gallery. One of the little boys pointed up at a painting of sunflowers, recognizing the work, and excitedly telling his friends to look. It was a wonderful moment where I witnessed the impact art can have on people, especially young people. He and I were both thrilled he recognized the work and I hope he carries that experience with him for the rest of his life. I know I will.

The Annenberg Collection in the European Paintings Galleries. Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Best spot for kids? Kids love seeing all of our Egyptian art, especially the mummies! Kids also love visiting The Met Cloisters, located in northern Manhattan. The Met Cloisters is our medieval art museum that looks like a castle. Kids (and adults) feel like they have been transported to medieval Europe.

The Cloisters Museum and Gardens. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Best spot for adults? There is something for everyone! For example, some adults love our period rooms, impressionist galleries, and Greek and Roman sculptures at the main building. In March 2016, we opened The Met Breuer, our modern and contemporary exhibition space. This has been a wonderful museums for adults (and their kids) explore some of the greatest artworks from Modern and contemporary artists.

Upper Level Gallery View of Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology / Embroidery Case Study Dress, Raf Simons for House of Dior, spring/summer 2014 haute couture / Courtesy of Christian Dior Haute Couture / © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Anything else you want to add? Thank you for making The Met part of your visit to NYC!

A few other tips

  • Download The Met app as a free digital resource to discover galleries, works of art, media, events, facilities and information.
  • Visit #metkids, a blog made for, with and by kids. It features an interactive map, videos and at “time machine.”
  • The Met is part of the New York CityPASS and includes skip-the-line admission and all exhibitions, plus same-day admission to The Met Breuer and The Met Cloisters.

Insider tips and highlights at the American Museum of Natural History

A place of wonder, the American Museum of Natural History is one of New York City’s most iconic institutions. With so much to explore, it’s hard to see everything in one day, so we asked for a little guidance. Brad Harris, Senior Director of Visitor Services at AMNH, gave us some insider tips and highlights for this landmark institution that will definitely help you leave with more than you came with.

Get your cameras ready, there's much to discover at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

What do you think would surprise people about AMNH? The size and diversity. The Museum’s size comprises numerous city blocks, housing approximately 27 interconnected buildings while highlighting the natural world, from the depths of the deepest ocean illustrated in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life to the outer limits of our observable universe in the Hayden Planetarium Space Show Dark Universe in the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

Best kept secret? Will definitely surprise city-goers—just stand right in front of the Giant Sequoia Tree in the Hall of North American Forests and be astounded by its size and age.

© AMNH/D. Finnin

Most underrated exhibit? The Spitzer Hall of Human Origins—a great way to explore evolutionary similarities and differences in hominids.

If you’re in a hurry, where should you beeline it to? Must see! The new Titanosaur measuring a whopping 122 feet long, just massive! Be prepared to be greeted outside the entrance of the Orientation Hall on the fourth floor. If you have a little more time, see the Dark Universe Space Show narrated by the one and only Hayden Planetarium Director Neil deGrasse Tyson.

© AMNH/D. Finnin

If you have all day, what are your top things to see and where can you linger? Top things to see are the Dinosaur Halls on the fourth floor, Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, Akeley Hall of African Mammals, the Dark Universe Space Show in the Rose Center for Earth and Space, the Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals, a 3D IMAX show in the LeFrak Theater, and at least one special exhibition like the Butterfly Conservatory. Best place to linger: either the Hall of Ocean Life or Hall of Gems and Minerals.

Are there any reactions you’ve heard from guests that have really caught your attention or surprised you? Visitors love that we provide Museum floor plans in different languages.

Best spot for adults? Hall of Ocean Life—always a nice photo op beneath the belly of the 94-foot-long blue whale.

© AMNH/D. Finnin

Best spot for kids? The Discovery Room when available. (It’s a hands-on mini-museum where kids can dig for dinosaur bones, play games or find a good book.) Please check dates and times prior to your visit.

Anything else you want to add? The Hall of North American Mammals is home to my favorite diorama, the Alaskan brown bear. The dioramas in that recently renovated hall really showcase this classic intersection of art and science.

© AMNH/D. Finnin

A few other tips

  • AMNH has multiple apps available for download. Chart your own course with the Explorer app that acts as your personal tour guide.
  • Visit Ology, a science website from AMNH just for kids. Plan your visit by visiting the Stuff You Can See page.
  • General admission to the museum is included with a New York CityPASS, along with admission to the Rose Center for Earth and Space, plus the Space Show or a giant screen film in 3D and 2D.


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