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Media Room

Thank you for your interest in CityPASS. This area of the CityPASS website has been designed for members of the print, broadcast, freelance and online media. If you are a consumer or tour operator, please visit the pages of the website designed especially for those groups. Or, send your question or request to Customer Service.

Because CityPASS offers dramatic savings to travelers, we hope to see it mentioned in the "If You Go" or "Smart Traveler" sections of any travel stories highlighting our CityPASS cities.

Journalists who need more information on CityPASS may contact Deborah Wakefield at deborah@citypass.com or Tin Bui at tin@citypass.com. Please note: The Public Relations Department does not handle customer service issues. Instead, e-mail Customer Service or call 888.330.5008, 7 days a week, 9am-7pm Eastern Time.

To Experience CityPASS

Note: To allow sufficient time for attraction approvals and shipping, requests for CityPASS ticket booklets should be received at least one month prior to the dates of your scheduled media research tour.

The admission tickets contained in each CityPASS ticket booklet are the property of the participating attractions. With the approval of the respective attractions, CityPASS is happy to provide two complimentary ticket booklets to credentialed journalists on assignment (see Media Credentialing below). Typically, CityPASS will provide two complimentary passes: one for the credentialed journalist and one for her/his guest. We regret that we cannot provide additional passes for other friends or family members.

Once ticket booklets have been issued for a specific destination, journalists may not request additional booklets for the same destination within a 12-month period.

To request a CityPASS, please read the credentialing information below and then fill out our online form.

Media Credentialing

To qualify for complimentary CityPASS ticket booklets, CityPASS' participating attractions request that journalists be credentialed members of the media.

Staff Travel Journalists – Travel journalists and editors working as paid staff at magazines, newspapers, travel radio/television programs, guidebook companies and online media outlets should submit their business card (your email signature line, if it includes title and the name of the media outlet, is fine) and their assigning editor's/supervisor's contact information. Broadcast (TV and radio) journalists seeking complimentary CityPASS ticket booklets must be affiliated with a travel radio program or travel-focused television show and have a written letter/email of assignment stating that they have been assigned to produce a specific travel segment for said travel radio program or travel-focused television show.

Freelance Travel Journalists – Freelance travel journalists on assignment should submit a letter of assignment and the contact information of their assigning editor. Freelance journalists without a specific assignment may submit 4-5 travel articles published within the past 12 months in mainstream travel publications and carrying the journalist's byline. Submitted clips must be bylined and dated. Freelance radio/TV journalists must have a written letter/email of assignment from a travel radio station or travel-focused television show stating that they have been assigned to produce a specific travel segment for said travel radio program or travel-focused television show.

Independent Bloggers – Blogs should be well-established travel blogs that are regularly updated and have a broad subscriber base. Independent travel bloggers should submit a link to their blog, as well as their blog's current Google PageRank (or Alexa ranking) and number of subscribers / unique visitors per month. The CityPASS attractions will determine approval for CityPASSes based on the respective blog's focus, reach, content and style.

Photojournalists – Please follow the above guidelines for staff and freelance journalists.

Documentation, assignment letters, clippings and other materials may be submitted to publicrelations@citypass.com.